5 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Is Not Just A One-Time Transaction

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If you’re a brand using influencer marketing, you want to develop a relationship with an influencer and not have it be a quick transaction.

While it might be easier to look at the interaction as a one-time thing, that won’t bring you the most success. 

Therefore, it’s important to view the experience in the long term and to remember why it’s beneficial to cultivate a strong connection. 

1. Influencer marketing is a collaboration, not a transaction

As a brand, you must spend time and energy finding the perfect influencer to represent your product. 

You want to choose someone who will accurately and genuinely represent your brand. It’s not just about how many followers on Instagram or Facebook they have. 

You also want to build a relationship with them before you establish what you want from their marketing campaign. Learning about their interests and strengths can help design the perfect collaboration.

During the collaboration, influencers have most of the creative control over how they want to represent your brand once you decide on what format. If you picked the right influencer to work with, this will be a good thing.

Some formats you may want to use could include:

A major benefit of working with influencers is their expertise in a niche and understanding of what an audience wants. 

2. They continue to represent your brand

If you view influencer marketing as just a one-time transaction then you likely won’t think about what might come after. 

But the after is just as important as the deal.  

Even when you’re established deal or campaign finishes with an influencer, they still represent your brand. 

Their following, and other people who know of your influencer, will associate them with your product.  

This can be both an advantage and a curse, which is why it is important to do research when picking an influencer. 

If they maintain a solid reputation, this can still bring in more sales and positive publicity for you.

However, if they are involved in a scandal, your brand could be negatively impacted as well.

The fact that your brand’s image becomes tied to the influencer for so long after the campaign ends is one of the reasons why it is so important to do your research. 

3. Constant networking

Many influencers talk to each other about the brands they work with. If an influencer is looking for a brand, they may ask their fellow influencers or collaborators for suggestions. 

What does this mean for you? 

Well, you want to make sure their experience working with you is pleasant so that they will recommend you. 

If they enjoyed working with you and believe in your product, they will continue to talk highly about you to others.

However, if they felt like they weren’t treated well, they may talk bad about your brand or product. 

Therefore, you want to make sure you are actively listening and working with the influencer’s own wants and vision. 

4. You have to maintain your marketing plan

Once you get the ball rolling for the initial promotion, you also have to figure out how to maintain the sales and views they will bring in. 

You want to have a strong idea of what you hope to accomplish from working with an influencer. This is essential for the post or video that the influencer will produce but also for the long-term.

Some questions to ask yourself may be:

  • What audience do I want to reach? 
  • How much do I want to spend? 
  • What exactly do I want to gain? Sales? Customers? 

You want to have a set plan to see through for the entire relationship. 

5. More work opportunities

In influencer marketing, an influencer usually showcases one specific product. While they also promote your brand, it’s driven by one item, object, or service. 

When you make influencer marketing more than just a one-time transaction, you can reach out to the influencer when you have another product to market. 

This is where the relationship you develop is especially important. Knowing you can trust an influencer and that the campaign was successful will make you want to utilize them again. 

Having a strong tie will make the marketing even more natural and authentic the second time around. 

While many see influencer marketing as a one-time thing, it is useful to think of the interaction as a relationship you constantly need to maintain. 

Doing so can lead to greater success for your brand. 

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influencer marketing not transaction ladybossblogger.com

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