5 Proven Steps That Will Increase Your Organic Search Traffic In 2020

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Improving your search engine rankings has always been a high priority for most online businesses.

While some prefer to rely heavily on ad spend, by utilizing the latest and most effective SEO techniques, you can help increase your rankings and get a lot of exposure for a fraction of the cost.

The algorithms that govern the search rankings change regularly, with updates being frequent. What was working one day may not be anywhere near as effective the following day.

This is why it is important that businesses are always ensuring that they are keeping up to date with the latest changes and strategies in the space. This can help them get an edge on their competitors.

Here are five proven steps that will help you increase your organic search traffic in 2020:

5 Proven Steps That Will Increase Your Organic Search Traffic In 2020

1. Optimize User Experience

Having a strong user experience for your website is vital to boost your organic search traffic. The likes of Google wants its users to be dealing with websites at the top of the search rankings that are very easy to use and in which information can be quickly found.

User experience can encompass many aspects, including the site speed, navigation system, color scheme, and site design. All of these various aspects come together to create a top-notch user experience.

For those websites with poor user experience, their bounce rates will usually reflect the subpar offering. Google will be keeping track of these bounce rates and adjusting the search rankings accordingly.

2. Target Search Snippets

A very useful and prominent aspect of most searches these days is the implementation of snippets in the search results. This will often be in the form of a post preview that contains the info you are looking for.

There are also the key questions snippets that will lead to higher click-throughs when you are answering those key questions that the searcher needs answering.

To feature in these snippets, your site’s content needs to be clear, concise and well laid-out. Cross-device usability is vital and strong external resources are always a plus.

3. Having Evergreen Content

There are many websites that try to hop on the latest trends in order to drive traffic and get boosted up the rankings. While this strategy can reap some decent results, particularly if it is a news-related site, it is not a medium or long term strategy.

This content may have a shelf life of a few days or weeks, but then it will usually fade away and become relevant forevermore. It cannot be recycled across different social media channels or used to garner long-term high rankings in the search engines.

By creating evergreen content, you are investing in the longer term and can reap the subsequent search rewards. Longer form content, in particular, seems to do well in an evergreen format in Google. Having an authoritative approach to content will also add further credibility to your offering and your rankings.

4. Consider Voice Search Optimization

A lot of experts believe that voice search is going to become the main aspect to search engines in the future. People will more and more make voice commands to search and discover the key information that they are looking for.

The video search technology is constantly improving and it is an early trend that could pay off massive dividends down the line for those looking to boost search rankings and traffic.

This tactic is mainly for local businesses or those websites that have a target market that lies in a specific region. Geo-targeted keywords are the key. Another smart strategy is the creation of high-quality FAQ sections, as a large portion of what people using voice search are looking for are answers to certain questions.

5. Prioritize Mobile Indexing

In this day and age, the vast majority of people will know the importance of optimizing websites for mobile devices. However, now Google is taking this idea a step further. The search engine is now prioritizing mobile sites over desktop versions.

Your rankings will take a significant hit if your website is not fully optimized and responsive for mobile. This includes having mobile site URLs with an “m.” preceding the remainder of the URL. You should switch this if this is currently the case with your mobile website.


As you have seen there are many different ways in which you can boost your search traffic in 2020. It is a good idea to pick one of these areas starting off before moving onto another.

Before long, you will have aligned your website to optimize it for moving up the search engine rankings and hence receive more organic traffic.

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