31 Ideas On What To Post On Your Instagram Stories

31 Ideas On What To PostOn Your Instagram Stories ladybossblogger.com

Do you find yourself running out of ideas for your Instagram stories?

Once you have your aesthetic established, and your brand is well versed in the art of curating your feed, the next step is to start thinking about your Instagram stories

Here are 31 Ideas On What To Post In Your Instagram Stories.

1. Talk about your company

It’s difficult to get an idea of what a brand is and what they do from an Instagram caption (especially if it’s a lengthy one). So maybe do a couple of “slides” with some fun facts to show your company’s personality should do the trick.

2. Show us where you are

One of the easiest ways to get more exposure is by adding a location sticker to your story.

Whether one of your influencers is on a vacation sponsored by your company or if you are simply in the office, “You can be featured in the location’s overall story and therefore have even more people see you” according to Helene in Between.

3. Share an inspirational quote

Do it once, twice, or everyday! All you have to do is choose a quotation, use the Instagram Story “Type” feature, and share it.

Sharing inspirational quotes with your audience is a great way to charm and entertain your followers.

4. Add hashtags

If you have been reading our articles for our Instagram series, you know how key hashtags are for searchability. So, if you add a hashtag your story, you can potentially be added to that hashtag’s personal story!

5. Use the poll study

Polls are a great way to ask your audience for feedback on upcoming products! Make them choose between fabrics, colors, and more! This is a great way to engage your audience as well. 

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6. Display your loyal customers

What a better way to appreciate your customers than by sharing themselves and their comments on your stories!

7. Sneak Peek

Going behind-the-scenes gives your followers a sense of exclusivity. They know what you’re up to before anyone else does. Who doesn’t want to feel special this way? 

8. Show your mistakes

Let your audience know of your little mix-ups and issues along the way. It makes your brand more human, and relatable to your audience. 

9. GIF Stickers

An easy way to capture the attention of your audience within your stories is by using stickers as GIFs. GIFs can either be snippets of videos or moving images. GIFs are fun and exciting to look at!

Instagram Story ladybossblogger.com

10. Utilize the “Swipe Up” feature

If you have a particular product or article that you want to show your followers immediately, then try using the swipe up feature.

To compliment your Swipe Up story, be sure to add the link to whatever you were featuring into your bio and maybe an actual Instagram post. 

Swipe Up ladybossblogger.com

11. Share your day

If you are the CEO of your corporation, people may ask how you can do it all. Well, now you can show your friends, family, and followers!

Document your daily routine for the day from your workouts to your coffee order, and your bedtime skincare routine.

12. Influencer takeover

Like we talked about earlier, influencer takeovers from different parts of the country or world can help you reach a whole new market.

So either have them send you some pictures or videos and upload them to your story, or give them access to your account, so they can interact with your audience in real-time!

13. What’s in your bag?

Laying out the 5 essentials in your gym bag, purse, or suitcase is a great filler for when you are having trouble with engagement or running out of ideas for what to post.

Make sure when you finish laying out the contents of your case, that your challenge your followers to do the same and tag your brand in the pictures!

14. Trivia!

True and False games about your business are a great way to have fun with your followers and increase engagement in a hurry.

Try sharing one image asking a true or false question then reveal the answer in the next Insta story post. The suspense is thrilling!

15. Answer some questions

A great way to answer some frequently asked questions are on your story, so a large number of your customers can see the answers all at once.

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16. Repost an old photo

Sharing an old Instagram story may conjure up some feelings of nostalgia with your own employees and your consumers. Simply tap the paper airplane icon under the photo to post the picture onto your Instagram story.

17. Design some highlights

Don’t know what highlights are? Highlights are the collections of Instagram stories you have curated that are displayed on your profile.

Many companies use the free graphic design website Canva to create the covers to your highlights. Your highlights can include a collection of your product pictures, Instagram takeovers, and more!

18. Ask for industry podcasts and books

Not only can you ask for recommendations from your audience, but you can share what you are currently listening to or reading as well!

19. Trend set

Know the upcoming trends or have any thoughts on the current ones? Share it with your customers! Being ahead of the game is always an advantage, and your followers will appreciate your help in the long run.

20. Share your aesthetic

Have a coveted brand aesthetic that your fans are dying to know about? Then, do a how-to on editing photos for your feed, so your customers can start to identify with your brand. 

21. Industry shoutouts

The business world is a competitive world, but that doesn’t mean you cannot support other businesses. Have a brand that a couple of employees use? Talk about it on your story!

Maybe you can collaborate with that brand in the future. 

22. Host a contest

“Hosting a contest using Instagram Stories can definitely involve some logistical headaches—particularly since the content disappears so fast. However, it’s proven to be highly engaging in terms of participation and in increasing your followers” says Kat Boogaard of Sked Social.

Your winners could receive anything from a huge discount to free products!

23. Share how something is made

Again, people love feeling like they’re getting exclusive content, so sharing the process of how you make your product is not only going to spark the interest of your followers but also keep them engaged. 

24. Promote a blog post

When you have a blog to compliment your business, you want to get as many eyes on it as possible. You can use your Instagram story to drive traffic to your blog!

promote ladybossblogger.com

25. Start a video series

Think of a series that you could start on your own account, whether it be how-tos or interviews.  Consistency with posting a series is not only good for the algorithm, but people crave consistency in general. 

26. Go live

I always love this suggestion for engagement, because going live allows your consumers to see your little mistakes while recording and interact with you directly by asking questions in real-time! The perfect combo!

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27. Countdown

Have some new products coming out? A special surprise in store for your customers? Then, add the countdown sticker to your story every few days a couple of weeks before your release.

This builds suspense with your audience. They will be so excited to finally see what your brand has for them!

Countdown Sticker ladybossblogger.com

28. Encourage your followers to DM you

According to Johannes Kanter of Getting Growth, “Increasing your engagement rate is one thing, but you should also be genuinely interested in having real relationships with your followers and customers.”

That is why you should have customers reach out to you with any questions, comments, or concerns.

29. Share successes

“If you’re working with clients or if you have a product that helps to solve a problem for your customers, then make sure to feature some of that social proof in your Instagram Stories as well” suggests Kanter.

30. Design wallpapers

Using Canva, create some wallpapers that your customers can use for a whole month! This will be sure to increase your brand recognition. One brand that is an expert in this field is ManRepeller. Check them out!

31. Ask for donations

If your brand has its own charity, or you are working with an independent one, ask for donations! It is always a good idea to help others in need. 

If used correctly, Instagram can be one of the most powerful marketing tools on earth. And, Instagram stories are a new way to mix up your marketing content to keep your advertising and brand as interesting to your audience as possible.

Try out these tips and let us know how they work for your business below in the comments!

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31 Ideas On What To Post On Your Instagram Stories ladybossblogger.com

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