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Hydrant Hydration Mix v.s. Tap Water

Hydrant Hydration Mix v.s. Tap Water eview on ladybossblogger written by Elaine Rau

I used to hate drinking water, but now that I have a bottle that I like, I drink a TON more! It’s not that I don’t like the taste, it’s just that I forget, and because of that sometimes I get dehydration headaches. You would think that would motivate me to kick into prevention gear huh? It’s just that sometimes when I’m blogging, I literally forget about eating, drinking, and the entire world around me hahaha! I’m like laser focused. Anyone else like this when it comes to blogging?!

What makes it special

  • It’s based on science and is a biologically balanced electrolyte solution to dehydration from exercise, alcohol and sickness
  • Is function focused and has a simple formula: balanced electrolytes, a bit of sugar and light natural flavor
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Vegan

Hydrant Hydration Mix v.s. Tap Water eview on ladybossblogger written by Elaine RauMy experience

The Packaging

I like the simple look of the package, it’s very modern, clean and bold. It’s easily recognizable once you get to know the brand. That’s why I wasn’t worried that in my cover picture the words were all blurred out. I think the color does the talking in this case!

The Product

This entire brand literally just has one product and one flavor. I thought it would taste better than it did considering that sugar is one of its ingredients and the fact that I like lemons, but it actually didn’t taste good at all! It would be nice if there were more flavors to choose from. I decided to chill it to see if it would change, and it did taste better after that, but it isn’t something I would crave to drink.

The Results

Even though it didn’t taste the best, it did get rid of my headache, so there is a time and place for it! I would probably drink something like this after a heavy night of drinking or when I get into my “blogging zone” and forget to drink water for a few days, but I wouldn’t replace normal water with it. If it tasted a bit better, perhaps I would! I look at it more as a remedy or medicine to solve dehydration when I need it.

Hydrant Hydration Mix v.s. Tap Water eview on ladybossblogger written by Elaine Rau

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