How To Write The Perfect Media Pitch

Ever seen a feature in a magazine or on a website and dreamed of seeing yourself there?

Here’s a little secret: you CAN get there!

The truth is, journalists (bloggers especially!) are always looking for new content, and they love when you can hand them exactly what they need.

But how do you convince someone that you’re right for their publication?

It’s easier than you’d think! Trust us, we do it all the time.

How To Write The Perfect Media Pitch


Find a publication that’s best suited to your brand identity. Don’t pitch to Forbes if you are looking for a wedding feature!

Chances are, the magazines and blogs that you already read are the ones who would be a good fit for you!

For example, we are a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle agency, so we are usually looking at beauty blogs, fashion magazines, or local publications that regularly feature businesses in the area!


This is kind of like research, part 2! Once you’ve settled on your goal—let’s say it’s a fashion magazine—comb through the pages to find the writers in your field.

Don’t make the mistake of simply writing to the editor! Instead, look for the specific journalist who would handle your story. Then do your homework and read all of that person’s articles!

This sets you up for step 3:


Once you’ve read up on the girl you’re pitching to, you’re ready to connect with her. Write up a nice introduction, and then share common ground.

For example… “I loved your recent piece about sustainable fashion and empowering women while taking care of the planet. I am actually a local designer who holds those same values close to my heart!”

Show the person you’re pitching to that your brand or values align with theirs. It’s a perfect match!


Share the key points about your brand.

Why you are passionate about what you do, what makes you different from competitors, all of the things you always say about your brand— tailored to fit their brand, of course!

Spell out exactly who you are and what about you would help their publication shine


Now that you’ve connected your brand to theirs and given them an overview of who you are, give them exactly the angles and stories they need.

Make it easy for them to write about you by suggesting a couple of topics:

  • “My company recently hosted a charity event. Your readers would love to know how we raised x amount of money, performed x tasks, etc.”
  • “If your readers are looking for affordable options that are still kind to the planet, they may be interested in our Eco line of upcycled fabrics…”
  • “We were recently awarded the Mother Earth Seal of Approval…”

Break it down into easy bullet points so that the writer can easily jump off of one of your topics and write your feature!

That’s it, doll! Remember to be professional and kind, but most importantly, remember to FOLLOW UP!


You can conclude your pitch with “I will be in touch from time to time with updates on our company,” “I would love to give you a call to discuss…” but make sure you ACTUALLY DO IT!

You are now building a relationship with someone. Just because they aren’t featuring you immediately doesn’t mean they won’t down the road!

You can even ask if they have any upcoming articles that may be of interest to you or openings that your brand may be able to fill.

So what are you waiting for, doll? Put yourself out there! We can’t wait to read all about it!!

How To Write The Perfect Media Pitch


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