How To Move Your Office Effectively

How To Move Your Office Effectively

Office moves are usually due to expansion…

Particularly in the current climate this is something that needs to be celebrated. If you are planning an office move, congratulations are in order.

Unfortunately, just like we are told that moving house is one of the most stressful life events, the same can be said about office moving. It’s not an easy process and it can cause a few grey hairs.

How To Move Your Office Effectively

Today’s post is about methods that can help you with the move and to make it as seamless as possible.

1. Manage The Furniture

  • The new office probably won’t have the same space as your existing one. So, you will probably need new furniture to make the new space work.
  • You might have too much furniture or it isn’t suitable for the new office. In these cases use Safestore.
  • You can also take your furniture to donation centers. Either way, it needs sorting before your move-in date.

2. Plan For Office downtime

The downtime that often arrives due to an office move, is different between small and big corporations. Big companies can hire moving services for the move, but for small businesses, it’s usually the employees who do the legwork. This means that there is inevitably a lot of downtime; working hours are actually made into moving hours. For these smaller companies, the options are somewhat limited.

  • You can try and do it overnight, with some external assistance.
  • You can plan for a staggered move so at least not everyone’s work is affected at the same time.

3. Stay Connected

Connectivity services are the lifeline of a typical office.

  • Internet connection is a necessity.
  • Telephones are a requirement.
  • This does require planning ahead, as telecommunication companies tend to need plenty of notice to connect services.

Put simply, both need to be arranged long before you make your move. Nowadays, both are crucial for any type of business, and failing to have them sorted is going to wreak havoc with your operations and make your company pretty much useless.

How To Move Your Office Elaine Rau