How To Make A Well-Designed Digital Brochure

Your marketing campaign isn’t complete without great visuals.

Here are a few top tools to help you create an awesome digital brochure.

How To Make A Well-Designed Digital Brochure

A digital brochure can be a great tool to use when searching for new customers and leads and can help give interested parties in-depth information on products and services.

There are some things to remember when creating a digital brochure to ensure it does its job of winning over new customers for your organization.

Below we’ll give you our top 6 tips and tricks for making great digital brochure designs.

1. Narrow Down Your Focus

The content needs to be focused and specific. Be sure you think carefully about what the purpose of the brochure is, the topic, and the audience.

A brochure that tries to cover too many products or ideas at once is not effective because it has no clear focus.

2. Plan For Skimmers

In addition to making the topic of your brochure clear, it’s also important to remember that not everybody will read every word. Make sure that your brochure can be skimmed and the main ideas can be uncovered in a matter of seconds.

Making your brochure easy to skim is helpful for getting your main points across for those who just glance at it and are too busy or not interested enough to read the whole thing.

3. Use a Clear Call-to-Action

Every great digital brochure should also have a clear call-to-action (CTA).

Your brochure needs to have a focus but it also needs to have an end goal. If you want someone to contact you for further information or if you want someone to immediately buy a product or service, you need to let them know.

Adding a great call-to-action will make it more likely that your brochure serves its purpose and gets results.

4. Make It Accessible For Viewing

When it comes to the design of your brochure, you should choose a digital file or format that’s easy on the eyes to ensure it’s an easy read. PDF files are often a great choice, but adapting the brochure in several formats and file types is even better.

You should also ensure that you optimize your brochure for use on a variety of devices including computers, tablets, and smartphones. Also if applicable, make it available on your website.

5. Include Extra Interaction

While it may not be possible with some file formats, you may want to consider making your digital brochure interactive. This can help build additional interest making your brochure more likely to be read all the way through.

Creating interactive sections in your brochure where viewers can click to see more information or watch a video or animation can be helpful.

6. Use Good Basic Design Choices

When making a digital brochure, also remember to keep the basics of great design in mind. This will include thinking carefully about the colors you use and using fonts that are easy to read. Using interesting visuals and graphics in your brochure is also essential.

Check out these brochure ideas to ensure it’s as interesting and engaging as possible.

Use These Tips to Create a Great Digital Brochure

If you want to build a great digital brochure, it’s important that you don’t overlook the tips and tricks listed above. By keeping these in mind throughout the process, you’ll have a much better chance of building an effective brochure that gets results.

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How To Make A Well-Designed Digital Brochure