How To Format Content For Your Blog

Looking to get into blogging? As someone who loves writing, the idea of short-form content was super appealing to me. The world of blogging can be incredibly intimidating. Where should one start? Read on for a couple different formatting options for your blog content!

Food Blogs

Maybe you hope to get your start with food! A great example of a food blog is Pinch Of Yum. The first thing you see after clicking on the link is about three delicious recipes.

For someone quickly looking at the blog, it is a good way to grab attention. Just below this one finds all the information they need about the blog and its creator, Lindsay.

The different sections of the blog are clearly stated at the top of the page. Navigating is incredibly easy, especially as they have a quick search button in the upper right corner.

Perhaps best of all is the overall beautiful visuals. All of the food is well photographed and accented with cool colors like grey and plum. As the food should be the main attraction, it helps to have a simple and clean design.

Check them out for inspiration!

How To Format Content For Your Blog LadyBossBlogger

Book Blogs

Books are beloved by all. Blogs about new reads are really helpful when it comes to expanding your library. An awesome example of a book blog is From First To Last Page. With a very calm and beautiful front page, this blog makes you feel like you are in a library.

There are many easy sections to choose from, including Authors A-Z and Reviewing It For The Kids. If one scrolls lower on the page, there are clear blocks of new blogs about various best sellers.

Once again, this sort of blog is incredibly appealing because of the easy navigation and serene aesthetic. If you’re looking to start a blog about books, From First To Last Page is a great option to consider!

How To Format Content For Your Blog LadyBossBlogger

Fashion Blogs

Next, let’s take a look at Fashion Blogs! An awesome one to pull inspiration from is Color Me Courtney. This super colorful and fun blog gives awesome tips for all!

With a bubbly and bright aesthetic, the blog’s creator Courtney is determined to share her love of colors with the world. While she is very helpful when it comes to fashion tips, she also isn’t afraid to do some things for herself. Just recently, she posted an article about dressing as Disney fish!

She has various links to things such as Amazon deals and her Instagram shop. Her blog’s accessibility and fun spirit is great model of what a fashion blog can look like.

The Breakdown

What have we learned from this? The best blogs:

  • Grab your attention
  • Are easy to navigate
  • Have appealing asthetic

These steps are easy to fulfill. Check out places like Weebly or Squarespace to get started!

These blogs offer great inspiration for a novice blogger. But it’s important to infuse your own personality. People are attracted to passion and want to know that you care what you’re doing. Blogs are great because of the love and attention each individual person puts into them.

The previous examples are a great way to get your start. Remember that there really aren’t rules when it comes to creating a project! Make something you love, work hard, and others will love it too!

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How To Format Content For Your Blog LadyBossBlogger

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