How To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

It’s all good and well having a professionally designed website that represents your company adequately, but what’s the point if you are continuously receiving no visitors? If this is the case then you might want to hire someone like slickplan, a company who can help you with your web design. However, if you would prefer to do it by yourself then keep on reading.

There are several ways to increase traffic to the pages of your website, and here we’ll talk about a few of the key things you can do.

How To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Perform On-Page SEO

If you’re unaware of the term SEO, it refers to ‘Search Engine Optimization’. That’s assuming that many people will find your page via a search engine first, rather than typing the name of your website directly into the address bar.

So, for example, people are more likely to type in the product that they are looking for into Google, rather than going directly to the vendor’s website.

With this in mind, it is good to know that there are several SEO techniques that can be done to your website’s pages to increase its rankings in search engine results, which will in turn lead to more visitors overall.

Some of the things you can do is to write Meta descriptions for each of your site’s pages. This tells users what the page is about and will appear before they click on the page, and is more likely to make them do so.

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Provide Updates on Social Media and Post with Hashtags

Social media sites tend to be the main ecosystem where people spend their online experience. You can attract them back to the World Wide Web and your website by promoting blog posts or other informative content on your social media channels.

Provide a hyperlink so that they know your website is only a click away, and watch to see how many more visitors you’ll have to your site once you start posting on social media more regularly.

Hashtags play an important role, because this helps you to extend your reach to potential visitors as people beyond your networks may discover the products.

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Use Landing Pages as a Portal to Your Website

If you create landing pages for promotions and other offers, such as a free trial, downloading a free eBook, or redeeming coupon codes, you’re very like to increase your rank in the Search Engines.

The more these pages are clicked upon, the more popular they’ll become, and so the snowball effect begins. The point is that these landing pages could lead to a whole lot more website visitors in general.

If you’re unsure of how to create specific landing pages, take a look at Limecube website builder for help.

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Online Advertising

Just as with a regular business model, an online business also needs advertising. It has been used successfully by people to promote their websites, such as paid search, display advertising, and pay per click (PPC), with clear cut results that see a boost in website traffic.

Use Website Analytics and Learn from Them

You can use tracked links ( from your marketing campaigns to identify which strategies need improvement. You can also check analytics to see the types of content that are working, or others that need scrapping. Website analytics are a very important tool and you should understand and use them fully.

Remember that the number of visitors to your website – traffic – is an important indicator as well as driver of growth to your business, as it can help you to gather insight about your target audience, see how well your marketing campaigns are working, and ultimately can generate more leads and long-term customers.

How To Drive More Traffic To Your Website