How to Craft A Great Title For Your Youtube Video

Wanna get started on Youtube, but not sure how? Here are some tips on how to create great titles for your online videos!

Starting your own business, brand, or website can be intimidating. You know you have something to share with the world, but how do you go about it? The biggest help to you will be promoting online courses on your website. Read below on how to promote!

Why you should have online courses

Here on Lady Boss Blogger, we have quite a few articles you can read to help promote your brand and yourself. However, once you have your website ready, it is difficult to know the next step. What’s best is to have online courses!

Whether you have a cooking blog, mental health site, or a fashion guide, it can be easy to lose connection with viewers. While your website may be beautiful, some of your fans may need to feel closer in order to learn. Online courses are the perfect way to do this!

A course offers a close-up look at the mechanics of your business and makes the viewer feel like they are building with you. By showing others the path to success, you continue to build and foster your own

How you can promote

While you want to proudly display the course, you also don’t want to shove it in the viewer’s face. Multiple offers before they have a feel for your website can make someone antsy.

A good example is something that we practice on Lady Boss Blogger. Below each article, we have various links to online courses about promoting one’s blogs. We allow a viewer to stumble into it naturally. After having enjoyed an informative article, they now have a chance to learn from us!

You also want to create a pressure-free environment. Online courses should be low commitment, at least at first. Lady Boss Blogger offers various E-books or helpful tools which you only need your email to access.

No gimmicks, no scams. Allow your audience to learn from you.

How you can improve

While you may have worked hard on creating your website and online course, not everyone is going to love what you have created. Everybody learns differently, so don’t be afraid to take constructive criticism.

Include surveys at the end of your course, and answer any emails about concerns from your ‘students.’ The bottom line, is people are hungry to learn if you foster the right environment and community around them. Sharing knowledge is the best way to create loving followers!

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