How To Blog As A Career in 2020

How To Blog As A Career in 2020 ladybossblogger

Many organizations have downsized and sent some of their employees on leave since March. About 30 million employees were removed from payrolls in spring due to the Coronavirus pandemic, according to a report from the United States Department of Labor.

Some people have resulted in doing various online jobs to earn a living. They include blogging, photography, and web design. In this article, we discuss blogging as a career in 2020.

6 Essential Skills To Be A Successful Blogger

The following skills will help you succeed in blogging:

1. Content Writing

As a blogger, you need to frequently publish new content on your blog. It should be engaging, educative, and relevant to achieve the purpose of your blog. Writing unique content is essential to run a profitable blog.

Experienced content creators recommend writing daily online or offline to hone your writing skills. Consider the interests and preferences of your audience when creating content.

Learn different aspects of presentation like length, word usage, and writing style. Search engine rank blogs with long articles containing more than 2,000 words better than those with short articles. Blogs need to have a friendly and conversational tone to engage readers.

2. Networking

Blogging is a high paying online job that requires you to connect with other bloggers to increase your readership. So, it is important to learn how to network to interact with web users. Networking helps you interact with readers and boosts your sales and website traffic.

3. CSS and HTML Skills

It isn’t a must for you to be a programmer or a WordPress developer to build a blog. But, you need to understand HTML coding like adding H1 or H2 tags, alt tags, and image interlinking. WordPress allows you to create content even if you haven’t learned coding. CSS and HTML skills come in handy when your blog develops tag related problems.

4. Social Networking

Many bloggers are using social media to increase their traffic and sales. You can expand your audience by posting content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Still, you need to sharpen your interpersonal skills to engage other social media users.

Social media platforms allow you to incorporate a link in your pages to promote your blog. If your blog impresses web users when they visit it, they might refer to their friends and family members.

5. Marketing

Bloggers who are poor in marketing take long to succeed online. You need to learn how to market your content, services, and products to develop loyal readership in your network.

For example, you can approach influencers who specialize in your niche and promote their products or services. Don’t feel dispirited if they fail to hire you soon.

6. Photo Editing

Besides publishing content on your blog, it is prudent to upload images. They go viral fast on social media compared to written content. You can upload your business logo or images that suit particular postings. It is important to learn how to crop, reformat, and resize images.

Several years ago, some people blogged during their leisure time. But, many people are earning a steady income from blogging now. Some of them engage in affiliate marketing, ad networking, native advertising, and run marketing campaigns for companies to increase their income.

It is important to understand your target audience before you start blogging. Also, change your blog’s design occasionally to attract more readers.

6 Essential Skills To Be A Successful Blogger ladybossblogger

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