How To Make Your Hashtags Trend on Twitter

How To Make Your Hashtags Trend On Twitter

When you think of hashtags, the first platform that typically comes to mind is Twitter.

And if you want to get your hashtags trending on Twitter, you need to understand the rules first (James Parsons outlines very clearly on

Once you know the basics, this article is going to help you get your hashtags trending. Using relevant hashtags in your tweets help you take your brand and its message to new people and potential new customers.

So, be sure to read through this article to help your business hashtags blow up!

1. Know Your Audience

If you start a hashtag that is intended for all people– i.e. making it go viral, then your hashtag is never going to trend.

Why? Because I’m 100% sure that not every account on Twitter follows you. So, with that in mind, make sure you create hashtags that will trend with your audience and intended target market.

By having your current following use your hashtag, it then reaches out to their group of followers who also might have similar interests and end up following your account and using your hashtags in the long run.

2. Be Relevant 

According to Don Power of Social Media Explorer, “A relevant hashtag is one that can capture the attention of your targeted twitter users almost instantly.” The best way to make your hashtags relevant is to use simple keywords. This will allow your hashtag to “easily convey your objective to the users and more people can connect to it,” says Power.

Though you are using easy keywords in your hashtag, you still need to have your hashtag relate to your industry and your brand. These two aspects together will have your hashtag trending in no time!

3. Incentivize

As a brand, an easy and effective way to have your hashtags trend is through incentives.

An example would be to have your audience share a story using the hashtag your company has created, and the person with the best story then can when a prize or discount towards their next purchase from your brand.

These kinds of incentives encourage fast, steady traffic until the “contest” is over, therefore making your hashtags trend!

4. Engage

For your hashtag to trend, it needs to be shared by multitudes of people. This means your content needs to be very engaging.

This can be by asking your audience questions using your hashtags or attaching a funny meme or video to your hashtag and asking your followers to share some of their favorite funny content. 

5. Start Trending Yourself

If you really want your hashtag to take off, it needs to be recognized by your audience.

The only way for your following to really understand and remember your hashtag is if your brand uses it in the first place.

Be sure to talk with your social media manager to strategize they ways in which you can share your hashtag to get the trend started– from sharing the origin story of your hashtag to putting it in your bio. 

Now that you understand the hashtag basics, you can use these 5 tips to trend your hashtag in order to attract more of your target market to your account and manage an engaged following.

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How To Make Your Hashtags Trend On Twitter

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