8 Free Logo Creation Tools For Small Businesses

Free Logo Creation Tools

What is a logo and what is its purpose?

A logo is a trademark that helps people immediately identify your company’s specialization.

Then once you’re more established, it’s used to continue to form the company’s identity.

You may think that creating a logo is a long, arduous and expensive task when it can actually be a really easy one.

Check out these 8 tools to help you create an incredible logo for your small business!

8 Free Logo Creation Tools For Small Businesses

What are the advantages of creating a logo using applications on your smartphone?

  1. Speedy results.
  2. Low price (if the application has a paid version) or it can also be completely free.
  3. There is no need to involve a designer or have any experience in design.

What apps are the best to create logos with?

The best logo makers for smartphones are listed below along with what makes them great! Check out Apppearl.com for more HANDY app reviews.

1. Logo Maker Plus

  • A significant number of templates that are fully ready for use
  • Available categories are marked with symbols, easy to use
  • An extensive selection of effects that will allow you to adjust the icon to your liking

2. LogoMakerApp (Iris-group)

  • Contains ready-made templates
  • An impressive number of tools
  • Excellent range of effects
  • Includes original stickers

3. Logo Generator & Logo Maker (from Light Creative Lab)

  • The user interface is very easy to use, create attractive logos in the shortest amount of time
  • Even if you are not a designer, the professional editing tools and a color palette are easy to use
  • Good image selection in the gallery
  • Has over 2000 templates of different icons all divided into categories
  • More than 100 different fonts

4. Logo Maker-Logo Creator (by James Thomas Carter)

  • 1000 sample layouts of different icons
  • Rotation function in 3D measurement
  • In the logo, you can use about 30 different textures
  • Wide range of editing allows you to develop original design ideas

5. Design Evo

  • Simple drag and drop selection
  • Loads of pre-made logos available all sectioned in categories
  • The simplicity in their designs allows for a very modern logo look
  • You can’t go wrong by designing in this app
  • Easy download and use of the finished logo

6. Logo Maker (created by Universal Apps Center)

  • Suitable for creating a logo of varying complexity
  • Its spectrum contains more than 150 templates
  • An abundance of fonts in various stylistic decisions
  • Finished logo can be published on social networks

7. Logo Maker Free (from developer Pakistan Eagles)

  • Has a luxurious color palette and stunning fonts
  • Editing functions allow you to resize, as well as rotate the icon and font
  • The logo is saved in PNG format on a transparent background

8. AAA Logo

  • This supports the creation of logos in several languages, however, the interface is fully presented in English
  • Also suitable for drawing buttons for websites, creating business cards, and other printing
  • Lots of logos and templates.

Free Logo Creation Tools

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