How To Avoid Burn Out And Uncertainty And Live An Aligned Life

It all starts with oxygen.

  • Do you have enough air in your life?
  • Are you consciously stopping to breathe?
  • Do you have space in your life for circulation and movement, to understand how you truly want to feel?
  • Do you surround yourself with people who uplift you or suck out all the oxygen in the room?

In my practice, I train women leaders to get back to the basics that our ancestors used for survival, a toolkit for thriving.

We look at the five elements to ensure there is alignment in your life.

Using a Life Wheel we explore each area of your life to see what’s working and what is broken.

Move from burnout and uncertainty to DIVINE CLARITY through cultivating your unique Rhythm and Flow – so you can deepen your Soul’s purpose and show up more fully in your role as a female leader.

The most IMPACTFUL CHANGE you can bring to the world comes from being in your joy… knowing your Core Desired Feelings, the five words that could transform your life.

So how about you stop waiting for “someday” – and avoid burnout by ALIGNING YOURSELF so you can show up fully in your role as leader.

Stop ignoring the signs of being out of alignment until you have a physical, mental or spiritual dis-ease. This would put a stop to you doing what you’re here to do in this lifetime.

Whether you’re already there, or you’ve seen the warning signs, it’s time to stop tolerating your pain and disconnect, to cultivate the force of positive change you know you’re meant to be!

It’s YOUR time. We NEED you!

These are just some of the tools can help you supercharge your life.


1. Defend Your Power Hour

Set aside an hour every morning to practice your unique ritual for Rhythm and Flow. Own it.

If you can’t give yourself an hour every day, you’re doing too much and likely are very ineffective at it.

2. Weave The Green Thread

When was the last time you spent time in relationship with nature?

We are all star stuff with an ancestral code for survival.

When we deeply connect with the natural world around us, we can better hear our code and align with our Soul’s Purpose.

3. Daily Life Visioning

When you know your core desired feelings you’ll be able to connect to heart daily and create goals with soul.

You’ll be able to see how you want to be in the future and focus on that in a daily practice.

4. Surround Yourself With Community

Entrepreneurs need community.

Running a business can get lonely.

Committing to a practice of being in community, and especially being in Flow in community, will help guide your vision in a larger context and purpose.

Give yourself the support of a community by being of service to others.

5. Get Sleep And Detox

Depending on where you are in your energy cycle and if you’re eating a seasonal ancestral diet, you must have between 6-8 hours of sleep every night.

Everyone needs times of detox. Detox from certain foods, from digital devices, from artificial lights, from people.

Schedule a regime of gentle and healthy cleansing to keep your soul aligned with your purpose.

In my Rhythm and Flow 180 Day Sister Circles I guide you create your daily, weekly, and quarterly rituals of alignment through heart-centered practices that enable you to drop into your unique Rhythm and Flow patterns and supercharge your life.

You’ll get CLEAR on the root of your desire and create a map of how you desire to feel in eleven areas of your life.

From that place of clarity, you’ll be guided to discover and DECLARE your core desired feelings, all while being supported in a sacred, loving environment of other soul-seekers.

If you’ve been looking for a Mastermind of interesting, amazing and fierce women leaders, this is the Sister Circle for you!

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xchel Tiffany Renée is an intuitive shaman, native beekeeper, and regenerative entrepreneur. While blazing her own trail as the first to go to college as a single mom, to becoming the first Latina to serve as Vice Mayor of Petaluma and beyond, Ixchel has mentored women to run for office, start their first business and learn strategies to champion their causes.

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