What you’ll learn in this interview:

  1. My 3 hidden gem resources that every business owner and consultant should know
  2. My #1 accounting tool that will outperform your bookkeeper 
  3. The 1 course that helped me refocus my finances without giving up the things I love
  4. The 3 products that I can’t live without (and tell everyone about)
  5. My 3-step, 3-product morning beauty routine that gives my skin an all-day glow 

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How This Business Owner Helps Women Find Success Beyond The 9-5

Business Lifestyle

1. What do you do? Who do you help?

I run a platform called The Upside, a curated support ecosystem for consultants, contractors and freelancers that provides community, connections and collaboration for growing a successful independent business.

We help women who are looking to grow a rewarding career outside the traditional 9-5, and make meaningful, quality connections with other high-level B2B consultants, spanning all industry verticals, around the country.

Top Resources

2. List your favorite business tools.


  • Criminally Prolific: Dmitry Dragilev generously doles out buckets and buckets of resources and winning email templates that actually work. He’s a true gem.
  • Proposify: Recommended by Upside member Rebecca Orlov, this technology elevates a smaller business into big business status with it’s super professional and seamless proposal templates and backend system, and for a very reasonable fee.
  • SquaredAway: The absolute best resource for finding virtual assistants, perfect for startups, freelancers and consultants needing a little bit of extra support.


  • Dreamers and Doers: Other than The Upside, of course, Dreamers and Doers is one of my favorite communities for supporting my personal and professional growth.
  • Work Bigger: Started by my friend Belma McCaffrey, this curated community is a must for women looking for scaled coaching and a bridge to something bigger in their lives. 
  • Pallas Network: Run by my friend Ann Sublett, this community is a constant inspiration for pushing the status quo through conversation and, of course, laughs driven by Ann’s incredible commentary.


  • Airtable: It’s like Excel, on steroids.


  • Bench: For the price of a traditional bookkeeper, I get more robust reporting and a more streamlined process + a human to talk to if I have questions. It’s a no-brainer.

Erin Halper Interview

3. What is a good course, website or book you would recommend and why?


  • The 30-Day Money Cleanse: I recommend this course for women who want to save towards their goals without giving up the things they love. 
  • How to Have Presence: I love this course because it helped me gain confidence and charisma in conversation, on camera, and speaking in front of a crowd. Plus, Elissa is amazing!
  • The Ooey Gooey: This is an awesome course for developing your leadership skills through strategic storytelling.
  • WTF Am I Doing with My Life?: This course is for anyone who has ever asked herself the question, “WTF Am I Doing With My Life?”, who feels ‘under-fulfilled’, stuck, lost or just straight up knows she can have a more impactful, purposeful and conscious career+life. (Plus, AOC took the first ever version of this course…and look where she is now!)


  • Unleash Your Presence: Upside member Julia Wojnar shares valuable insights and videos on how to build confidence in your communication and speaking. 
  • Kona Kafe: Ko Im’s mindfulness blog helps me remember to be human.
  • Global Sisterhood: This site helps women to find community anywhere in the world and have meaningful, soulful connections.
  • Dannie Fountain: I love Dannie’s relatable and easy-to-digest articles that serve as a valuable resource for women building careers and businesses with joy and confidence. 


  • Her Big Idea: A super motivating and inspirational guidebook that helps women pursue their big ideas, written by my friend and the ever-positive and relatable Haley Hoffman-Smith.
  • Start Before the Product’s Ready: From Upside member Lindsay Tabas, this is the perfect book for budding entrepreneurs looking to align their product/service to their customers and get super clear on next steps and milestones.
  • Susan Groner’s 101 Parenting Tips: Upside member Sue Groner’s easy-to-digest parenting tips are a true blessing for parents trying to juggle it all. When our home lives work well, we can work well and thrive in our careers. 

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Best Advice

4. What is the best piece of advice you have received?

  • When creating a new business or consultancy, make sure you understand the problem or pain point you’re solving. If you’re not solving a problem or pain point, go back to the planning stage! 
  • Whether you’re full-time or remote, showing facetime and building relationships matter.
  • Pay others to do work that is weighing you down or cannibalizing precious hours that you could be using to build your business or bill clients. 

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5. What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

  • Set a deadline of 1-3 years to re-evaluate your business. Don’t give up before that deadline no matter what. Setting a deadline keeps you focused and pushes you forward on hard days when you just want to throw in the towel.
  • Your arsenal of resources and connections are more valuable than any investor or career experience. Keep them close and use them strategically.
  • Find a curated community (co-working space, online community, etc.) that feels like the right fit and maximize that membership to the fullest.

Business Lifestyle

6. What is your beauty and/or fitness routine?



  • Step 1: After washing my face with warm washcloth and water, I splash Loli Beauty Chamomile Lavender Water (we’re talking food-grade beauty!) on an organic cotton pad and swipe all over my face. This takes off any excess dirt without stripping away moisture.
  • Step 2: Then I press two drops of Loli Beauty Plum Oil Elixir into my skin to lock in moisture and create a nice glow for the day. 
  • Step 3: I finish with SuperGoop! face serum for much-needed SPF and to make up for the decades of damage from sporting a deep tan.



  • Long power walks with my friend Valerie who’s still pushing strollers
  • My amazing trainer Bonnie (who still wears a thong bikini at 57 years old) 1x/week. She makes me laugh and gets the time to fly by!
  • Cardiosculpt class 1x/week
  • SLT when I can fit it in
  • Chasing after my two kids… does that count?

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7. List the products or items that are indispensable in your life.

  • High-quality organic cotton sheets from ABC Home that only get softer as you wash them (because sleep is a luxury these days)
  • Comfortable heels from Inez (because I can’t focus on work when my feet hurt!)
  • Thinx period underwear (TMI?)

thinx underwear

Business Models

8. Which female entrepreneur(s) do you look up to and why?

  •  Sarah Blakely of Spanx for her persistence and inspirational positive vibes.
  • Ashlee Margolis Fishman of The A List for her authenticity, sense of humor, generosity of connections and her ability to put herself out there for the benefit of others.
  • Gesche Haas of Dreamers and Doers for creating an ecosystem that is incredibly supportive and authentic in a world that oftentimes feels airbrushed and filtered.

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Stay In Contact

9. List your social media platforms.

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