How To Use Your Email Signature To Increase Your Subscribers List

If you don’t have an email list yet, read this blog post first 50 PROVEN WAYS TO GROW YOUR EMAIL LIST, then come back to this post for an in-depth resource on how to use your email signature to get more email subscribers

How Email Signatures Can Increase Your Subscribers List

The Most Overlooked Aspect Of Growing An Email List

Most companies try to grow their subscriber list by using methods like blogging, ebooks, and social media, which are all valuable ways to grow… but they ignore an incredibly valuable and underrated feature that they use every single day: their email signature.

An email signature is a subtle electronic business card customized with your audience in mind and strategically positioned at the end of your emails.

What To Include In Your Email Signature?

Your email signature should be simple enough to be:

  1. Understood at a glance
  2. Attractive enough to appeal to the reader’s psyche
  3. Sufficiently comprehensive to provide relevant information

The most important thing is to make an impression. Your signature represents your business and should be designed with extra special attention to capturing your reader’s attention. 

Email Signature Templates

A good way to ensure your email signature makes an impact is to use a professional email signature creator like Bybrand.

PLEASE NOTE: The following examples are fictional and do not represent actual information.

Template one

Alinne is an at-home cake maker who is offering a valuable list of cake recipes in exchange for people’s emails.

email signature template ladybossblogger2

Template Two

Robert is a professional graphic designer who is offering a free vector illustration to anyone who subscribes to his email list. 

email signature template ladybossblogger

Template Three

Michelli is a yoga teacher who writes every week about relaxation at work. She uses her email signature to let readers know they can subscribe to her list to get notified every week for her quality articles. 

email signature template ladybossblogger

Check out more email signature templates designed by Bybrand.

Make sure that once people click on your subscribe button that it goes to a beautiful landing page to ensure people actually sign up! 

Additional resources that may help:

email signature ladybossblogger