How To Get Your Dream Freelance Job

Freelance Job

For those who are new to the field of freelancing, the first step is to acknowledge that freelance isn’t a free act.

According to the latest survey conducted by the prominent freelancing platform Upwork, the number of Americans choosing to work as a freelancer has increased from 53% to 61% in the last 5 years.

Close to 50% of freelancers accept that this kind of work presents them with the flexibility unavailable in traditional job settings.

However, breaking into the freelance world is harder than you may expect. Let’s talk about the best practices on how to be successful in the freelancing world.

How To Get Your Dream Freelance Job

What is Freelancing?

A freelancer is a self-employed person that offers services to clients.

Here are some examples of freelance services you can offer:

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Blogging
  3. Teaching
  4. Interpreting
  5. Advertising Copywriting
  6. Tutoring
  7. Stock Photography
  8. Ghost Writing
  9. Magazine Articles Writing
  10. Translation
  11. Legal Work
  12. Graphic Designing
  13. Virtual Assistant Work
  14. Programming
  15. Music writing and production
  16. Photo Editing
  17. Travel Consulting
  18. Accounting
  19. Online Researching
  20. Editing
  21. Social Media Management
  22. Sales Consulting
  23. Podcast Production
  24. Video Editing
  25. Business Management
  26. Voice Acting
  27. Grant Writing
  28. Marketing Consulting
  29. SEO Services
  30. Music Tutoring
  31. Google Advertising Consulting
  32. Interior Design Consulting
  33. Housesitting
  34. Professional Essay Writer
  35. Wedding Photography
  36. WordPress Site Consulting
  37. Pet Training
  38. Driving For Uber
  39. Data Analysis
  40. Personal Fitness Training
  41. Yoga Tutoring
  42. Tour Guiding
  43. Being a TaskRabbit
  44. Investment Consulting
  45. Caregiving
  46. House Cleaning
  47. Computer Training Services
  48. Real Estate Sales Consulting
  49. Pet Care Services
  50. Being A Notary Public
  51. Party Planning
  52. Yard Work Services
  53. College Counseling
  54. Bicycle Delivery
  55. Professional Organizing

4 Common Freelance Job Types

There is no shortage of gigs for hardworking freelancers, just note that half the time you’ll be working, and the other half you’ll be finding work unless you set up a retainer and develop long-term relationships.

We have broadly categorized the list above into 4 areas of hard skills you should have if you want to be a successful freelancer and some resources that will help.


Check out the Freelance Writers Den for opportunities to get paid for your writing.

Also, make sure you understand the basics of affiliate marketing to make more income on autopilot. Take this FREE 5-Day Master Affiliate Marketing if you don’t know what it is.

Top affiliate marketing resources to sign up for:

And make sure to download Grammarly, a free grammar and spelling tool that monitors anything you type on your computer so you never accidentally make a silly mistake and get rejected from a copywriting job.


Here are some apps that can help you become more productive with your time.

  • Freedom – distraction blocker on your phone
  • MileIQ – track your mileage automatically
  • Strides – goal and habit tracker

Get familiar with different web hosts such as:

And top themes such as:



Becoming A Writer

The first and the most well-spread profession that comes to your mind speaking about freelance is a copywriter. It lets your creativity go, and you can earn pretty well on such a position.

Firstly, when you just being your career as a freelance copywriter, you need to take some classes or courses. It will give you a possibility to avoid a significant number of mistakes and obstacles in the future. You will master your skills and get some tips helpful for the upcoming writing orders.

There is one more plus of such courses, and you can ask for instance a professional essay writer about peculiarities of the academic writing or issues to remember if you are going to deal with such a sphere.

Well, to become a writer who earns a fortune, you need to upgrade yourself every day and listen to the professional tricks as well.”

The Advantages

The most significant reason why freelancing is attractive is its flexibility. One can work from the comfort of home, or any other place according to their convenience, and take up jobs only as needed.

A freelancer can decide what work to take, how to deal with clients and control how it is done. You can also set your own prices for the services you offer.

Moreover, it doesn’t usually require an investment to get started.

The Disadvantages

While the merits are many, this type of work also comes with its own drawbacks too. Working independently could feel isolating for many, as there is no social interaction between colleagues or clients.

Being an independent contractor also prevents you from getting any benefits like paid vacation, sick leaves or even health insurance.

You will have to make alternate plans or work around your schedule during emergencies, and if you do not have another person to delegate to, it might become quite challenging to handle work.

The changing workload and income might make budgeting difficult as well.

Getting Started

Step 1: Decide on a niche and target market.

Step 2: Figure out your rates and create packages.

Step 3: Create an online portfolio to showcase your work.

Step 4: Join freelancer websites to get job opportunities.

You got this! Good luck!

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