3 Digital Fails You Need To Avoid

Life is all about fails, because without some things going wrong for you in life, you’ll never be able to learn from your mistakes. With business, we all know that mistakes are just a little bit more risky than your average forgetting to feed the dog in the morning.

When you make a mistake with your business, there’s a whole new world of things that could go wrong and damage your business. It could even bring it down, because mistakes often cost money, and it’s money that your business might not necessarily have.

So when it comes to digital fails, you have to wonder what will happen if you go down the road of making a few wrong mistakes. You also have to consider how many things you know to be digital at the minute. Other businesses around you, social media… pretty much everything can be taken digitally at the minute, and we really do believe it’s the future of business.

Everyone owns some form of technology, and more and more people are finding it useful in their daily needs. So, considering it could soon be your only way of making money, we want to highlight some of the digital fails you might be making at the minute, and how you can solve them!

3 Digital Fails You Need To Avoid

1. Marketing Fails

Marketing is just huge for a business, but we all know that digital marketing is not the only form you can use. There are many other routes that you could take, some such as TV marketing, billboard, or even painting your business all over a few vans, and letting people take in the information as your drive around.

But all of these are being dominated by the digital marketing age at the minute. TV marketing is great, because so many people spend their evenings glued to the TV. But there are risks to it, including creating an advert so boring, or so annoying, that nobody ever comes to your business.

But with digital marketing, it’s easier to catch people’s attention without having to add an annoying jingle to the mix. You could use techniques such as SEO, which have proved to be highly successful for businesses all around the world, yet be so super stealthy that people don’t even know you’re using it.

It’s one of those techniques that sort of works in the background, unless of course, you start doing it seriously wrong, then you could get your website in trouble. But only using one technique is the biggest fail people are making.

There are tons of digital marketing techniques that all have their benefit, and just running one campaign is a huge fail. Try a mixture of three at once, and see how they all work differently. Experiment, promote, and watch your business grow!

2. Website Fails

There might have been a story once upon a time where a business made all of its sales through the customers walking through the door. But this is all just a story of the past because the digital age has brought us to the point where websites on the internet are dominating sales.

Other than a bit of retail shopping or food shopping, we’re finding that the number of people walking in a store to buy a product is decreasing rapidly because pretty much every store now has a website to order from. But websites can be so poorly laid out, and hard to actually use, that it can put the user off completely.

The biggest fail for you would be not to check out things such as web application architecture, and see how it could transform your user experience. The smoother and more fluid your website is, the more successful sales you’re going to have.

You also need to think about how your website looks aesthetically. It’s modern, sharp, and does it display all of your best products as soon as the user clicks on it? These three things will entice people in more than an aged design would. Having professional pictures taken of your products is also super essential in our eyes.

3. Typical Business Fails

To finish off, there are some typical fails that we think people make, and the main is a lack of interaction with customers through the web. Customers will no doubt leave both positive and negative reviews, either by using Google or other review platforms.

But businesses hardly address any of them, whether we’re talking about the good or the bad. We think it’s so important to have this interaction, as it helps the customer feel noticed. They feel like you care about them, rather than just feeling like they’re another customer to you!

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