How To Decrease Your Stress Levels

Stress is an unavoidable part of business; it’s an unavoidable part of life… or is it? What is stress? Stress is the body’s reaction to perception. It is how you’re perceiving something that is causing your brain to trigger your organs to produce stress chemicals. And your perception is based on the references in your subconscious – which are based on your life experience so far. Change those references, and you change the physiological stress response. Some people like to do exercise to help them with their stress. That’s why it might be a good idea to start doing something like tennis lessons to help distract your mind from whatever is stressing you out. However, it’s not just exercise that can help you. Keep on reading for five steps to help you start to eliminate stress in your business.

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs on ladybossblogger How To Decrease Your Stress Levels

Notice what triggers the stress

Is it when you think about finances? Is it dealing with certain people? Are you overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time to do it in? Notice what it is.

Notice how that feels

There are different levels and types of stress. Notice where in your body you feel it, and what happens inside you – thoughts and feelings.

Now, think back to where you’ve felt these same feelings in the past

It may not be the same situation, but it will be the same feelings. Go to the earliest memory – from childhood if possible. But if you don’t have any childhood memories, just notice what you do have – even if it’s just the feelings in this moment.

Next, take your focus off the feelings or the memory

Focus on the feeling of your fingers on your skin as you gently tap the following meridian points and say the phrases:

  • Between your eyes (“I release and let this go). Beside your eye (“It’s okay to let it go”).
  • Under your eye (Whatever this is, it’s safe to let it go now”).
  • On your collar bone (“I’m okay as I’m letting it go”).
  • Grab your wrist, take a deep breath, blow it out and say “Peace”.

By doing this, you’re calming your autonomic nervous system.

Now, go to a happy, peaceful memory

It doesn’t even need to be a real memory – the body and brain don’t know the difference between reality and imagination, so you can go to a fantasy. Feel the good feelings of that peaceful, happy memory. Then go back and check the stress feeling or memory again and notice how it’s changed. Notice what’s still left, then repeat the steps, until you can no longer find the stressed feelings.

Once you’ve brought down the stress using this technique, change the memory to positive. What would you rather have had happen? You can’t go back in time and change the original event, but you can change how your subconscious represents it. And that will change how your subconscious prompts your current and future experiences. You have the power to control your body’s stress response by changing the references contained in your subconscious. It just takes a little practice and determination. Try it for just five days. Make the commitment to yourself to try this technique for just five days, and watch the change in your overall stress levels.

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs on ladybossblogger How To Decrease Your Stress Levels

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs on ladybossblogger How To Decrease Your Stress Levels

Author, speaker and life-coach, Odille Remmert specializes in subconscious reprogramming. Having dramatically changed her own experience – from a lifetime of financial struggle and stress, and being single for 6 years, to a life of peace and fun, traveling the world, happily married to the man of her dreams – Odille loves helping others to achieve their own goals and dreams by changing the subconscious programs that are holding them back.