How To Create Teaser Content For Your Brand

create teaser content

As many know, you need to think creatively to get your brand out there and bring in viewers to your site. One way to do this is by utilizing teaser content.

That means there is more than meets the eye in the process of gaining brand awareness.

The days of promotional marketing are long gone and can often be found in someone’s spam folder.

So, what can you do to differentiate yourself from the whirlwind of ads and media messages that are spewed out daily from social media platforms, print ads, and other forms of media?

Well, you need to discover a way to bring viewers in and also sustain them.

A great method to catch attention is to create teaser content for your website. The following list explains exactly how to do that.

Step 1: Be Innovative

You want to be a brand that keeps up with trends but also creates them, so you need INNOVATION.

To innovate you don’t have to completely scrap your old ways of doing things, but develop your brand’s core values and actions further.

Innovation is not always about creating something new but rather improving and changing something that already exists.

If you’re not creative in this fast-paced world we’re in, your business will no longer exist. Without constantly updating and improving, you might as well be digging your business’s own grave.

To do this, you need to reach your audience where they are at.

The best way to reach them 24/7 is digitally. So, if your brand is not seeing success, just go back to the drawing board and make changes to keep up with current times.

Step 2: Manage Your Digital Presence

Your digital presence is crucial to your brand’s success because it is often your audience’s first impression as they are scrolling on their phones or other devices.

You never get a second chance at a first impression, so you want to make sure you wow your viewers and leave them wanting more.

Therefore, you should keep everything user friendly and easily accessible.

To leave an impact on your audience, this is where “teaser content” comes in. Teaser content is anything that highlights what you’re working on, while not revealing the entire project.

It is compelling and striking enough to garner attention, which leaves the audience in an excited frenzy to check back or stay tuned for more information.

This type of content will create an organic buzz around your brand because people will be excited and unable to resist talking, tweeting, or posting about it.

After you have developed a strategic plan for innovating and managing your digital presence, you are ready to go a step further and produce teaser content.

Step 3. Create A Short Promo Video

This will act similarly to a short commercial and be anywhere between 15-30 seconds long.

It should also be heavy on the visuals and promote your subject without giving away too much information. You don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Since this is a mini reveal, including a release date for the actual product or content will allow your audience to know when to come back for more.

Requiring them to come back at a later date also encourages them to keep their eye on your brand.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 1,000 more!

Step 4. Provide Previews Of Social Media Posts

You might have seen this method be used by some well-known profiles before they release a new product or content. This means it can also be a useful tactic for you to experiment with.

However, it can have a reverse effect on some of your audience as they might get annoyed with a drawn-out reveal.

The best way to see if it works for you is to try it out.

To do so, post a picture on your most popular social media platform. Then post it onto your company’s page or story with another image or GIF on top of the original picture.

If it’s a product you’re teasing, you can also post an image from your website.

Take a picture of the new product listed on your site and then post to your social media accounts with another image on top.

This requires viewers to visit your site to see the whole thing.

Whatever way you decide to do it, it will act as a PSA and drive more traffic to the post you are promoting.

Step 5. Design A Surprise Giveaway

If you have loyal followers or ones who are more familiar with the brand, this final step is for you.

You can design a giveaway for them to enter on social media with guidelines.

For example, they might comment using a specific hashtag that was chosen for a chance to win surprise items.

Overall, using tease content strategically is an effective branding exercise that will increase engagement from your followers. It will also separate you from brands who are just throwing out promotional messages.

And finally, it is just one innovative way to penetrate the socially charged marketing scene we are now in.

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create teaser content

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