Christina Rivera Helps Girls Feel Loved By God Despite Their Imperfections

Christina Rivera interview

Christina Rivera helps the everyday girl believe she is loved in every season, no matter how messy or imperfect she may be.

1. What topics do you post about?

I post a lot about relationships, dating, and navigating life in your 20s. We grow up believing we need to have a degree, a husband, a house, and kids by the time we’re 26, but the truth is, there’s no pressure. God is simply calling us to learn, let go, heal, and walk fully alive in Him.

I’m currently navigating through that phase of life and post the raw and authentic thoughts to hopefully encourage others who are on/will be on the same journey as me.

2. How did you decide to post about these topics?

I am a verbal processor, which means I have to get out what I’m feeling whether that’s in writing or through conversation.

Knowing from a young age that God called me to be influential, I’ve never felt afraid of sharing what I know and believe because people are always searching for answers. I realized my journal entries and life lessons weren’t just for me, but for a world who was seeking truth, love, and encouragement.

3. Which types of posts seem to get the most engagement for you?

People respond well to topics around dating and relationships. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for two years and speak very honestly about it – the pains, the heartache, the romance, and more. Anything that comes from the heart tends to get a good response because people want to see authenticity and can spot when something isn’t truly real.

4. How do you combine your faith with your Instagram account?

I’m very passionate about being authentic and true to myself on social media, especially as a Christian influencer. I feel it’s our responsibility to showcase the truths about walking with Christ. I don’t pretend to be something I’m not on social media just like I don’t pretend to be something I’m not with God.

Religion loves to tell people that perfection is the only way to God’s heart, but the truth is, God loves the messiness and imperfection so much more. On my page, people leave feeling that, even in their mess, they’re still worthy of love.

5. What has been the most effective way to increase engagement?

Play to your strengths. There are so many outlets available for growing your platform, whether it be blogging, starting a YouTube channel, making TikToks, etc., but the most effective thing will be to pick what you are good at and sticking to it.

Stay consistent with that one thing. Don’t try and do something just because you think it’s what you’re supposed to do. Like I said before, people respond better when it feels authentic.

6. What has been your biggest challenge on Instagram?

Just getting started was the biggest challenge. I needed it to perfectly describe me and showcase who I am. It needed to have the perfect aesthetic, but all that did was rob me of the growth/impact I could’ve been making had I not been so afraid of what others would say about it.

7. What specific steps did you take to overcome those challenges?

What helped was just going for it. I thought I needed all the pieces to come together first, but I’ve learned now that, just like my life right now, I’m learning as I go. I won’t know what works unless I try and fail.

It’s not as high stakes as we make it. The worst thing that could happen is you get 10 likes on a post. So what!?!

8. How has faith played a part in your growth?

I always wanted to be a faith and lifestyle influencer on social media but was too afraid to get started. Earlier in the year, I felt like the Lord was inviting me into it and giving me His blessing to just go for it. He gave me the peace and reassurance that if it was a dream inside of me, that He, as a father, would support it.

9. What is the best advice you have personally received as an influencer?

There has been SO much advice, but I will summarize it:

Don’t wait around for everything to line up before you decide to go for it. Be the influencer you dream of being now. Work with what you have, don’t look at the numbers, and focus on creating something you are proud of.

10. What are your thoughts on faith and money?

There are tons of scriptures in the bible that talk about blessing. I believe God, as a Father, designed us to prosper and thrive. We were not made to lack.

I believe that if we chase a dream simply because we feel passionate about it, the money will come after. Don’t do anything for the money. It will disappoint you. Do it because you love it.

11. What Instagram tool do you recommend and why?

I use an app called UNUM to organize all of my photos. As a creative, I like to visually see the direction my feed is going in, and it’s a great way to organize all my photos and captions. There are many apps like this that can do so much more, but I’ve had UNUM since the beginning, and I’m too loyal to change!

12. What other resources do you recommend?


I cannot emphasize this enough. YouTube helped me learn everything I needed to know. Even now I still go on YouTube for inspiration. There will always be people who are better than you at something. Choose to learn from them and grow in your craft.

13. What is your favorite scripture?

Current fav:

John 4:18 – “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”

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