Cheri Banks Helps Others Discover Their Most Authentic Selves Through Style

Cheri Banks interview

Cheri Banks is a stylist and content creator who inspires people to feel confident and powerful in what they wear.

1. When did you get on Instagram?

I got on Instagram in February 2019, but I didn’t start taking it seriously and posting regularly until November 2019.

2. What topics do you post about?

I post style content for men and women. This year, I plan to begin posting lifestyle and travel content as well.

3. What steps did you take to make your Instagram more appealing?

I made sure that I was posting about what my audience expected, I chose a preset that worked well with my complexion (to give my page that same look), and I plan my feed (I try to plan each week by colors).

4. Which types of posts seem to get the most engagement for you?

The posts with both myself and my husband get the most engagement for sure. I guess they’d rather see us together than individually!

5. What has been the most effective way to increase engagement?

The most effective way to increase engagement for me has been through having a set schedule (I post on Mon./Wed./Fri.) and making an effort to engage with the content of people I follow.

6. What Instagram tool do you recommend and why?

I recommend using the Planoly app for Instagram to schedule your content to automatically post to multiple platforms (Instagram and Facebook).


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