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Laurie Tuck Invented A Sustainable Garment To Be Worn After Spa Treatments

Laurie Tuck, founder of Wear & Away, never dreamed she would be in the manufacturing business. It was a self-inflicted clothing disaster after a Spray Tan appointment that inspired Laurie. She decided to try and invent a garment that could serve as an alternative and better idea than ruining clothes after spa treatments. She unearthed …

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Karina Becker Broke Through A “Mans Industry” And Has Established Herself for 20 Years

Karina Becker was born in Russia and raised in Poland. 25 years ago, she came to the United States, where she has cultivated and grown a thriving business (currently 20 employees). Read our interview with the lovely Karina below… What motivated and inspired you to start your own business? I’ve always had a free spirit. …

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Karen Smoots Invented The Solution To Drying Your Gloves And Boots In The Winter

Karen Smoots, a mother of two boys, skier, and survivor of long, cold, Michigan winters, a solution was essential in finding a way to send her children outside to play in the snow and off to school every morning with DRY gloves and mittens. Like many families, it became a daily, daunting task to come up with …

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