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6 SEO Tips For Launching An E-commerce Site

Attracting people to your e-commerce site is something you should consider long before you start building it out. There are 3 key ways to go about this; Paid advertising Content marketing Social media All are worthwhile and each should be addressed in its own fashion. However, the foundation of your marketing efforts should be search …

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22 Of The Best Brands With Stunning Instagram Feeds

As Instagram’s popularity only continues to rise, more people are utilizing the platform for business. Small businesses especially rely on social media to get their name and brand out there. With Instagram’s business profile option, it’s easier than ever to get customers to buy your products, especially if your photos are click-worthy. Here are 22 …

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6 Common Myths About Video Marketing (You Thought Were True)

Every second of your video matters when it comes to marketing, which is why it’s important not to mess up by not believing in these 6 common myths about video marketing. 6 Common Myths About Video Marketing 1. Video Marketing Doesn’t Work Here are some data points for marketers who still doubt the success of …

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