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CamHome Olva Security Camera v.s. Blackbox Security Camera

CamHome Olva Security Camera v.s. Blackbox Security Camera

CamHome Olva Security Camera v.s. Blackbox Security Camera

I always thought it was a huge hassle to set up home security cameras… until I got one, set it up in 5 minutes and was instantly HOOKED. It’s always better to be SAFE than SORRY.


  • Panoramic vision (ability to move left to right)
  • Full HD vision (1920×1080)
  • Night vision (see things clearly at night)
  • Flexible storage (24-hour local + cloud recording)
  • Motion detection (photos taken of the motion + stored on your phone)
  • 2-way audio (so you can tell people they are on camera!)
  • Wall or ceiling mount (so you can place it anywhere)
  • Fast install (just download the app and follow the instructions)
  • Accessible footage (anywhere there is Internet)
  • Sleep mode (for enhanced privacy)


Has everything the Olva has but is shaped like a box instead of an oval!

I have yet to do this but one day when my husband is at home and I’m out or something, I’m going to use their 2-way talk function and try to scare him hehehe!

My favorite feature though is their night vision and motion sensor because it actually takes a photo of the potential intruder by sensing motion and takes a photo which is immediately saved to your phone!

All in all, I’m loving my home cameras, they are so easy to use and connect right to my phone. I would say the BlackBox S Camera wins for me because of its shape because it’s less conspicuous and can be hidden more so than the Olva S Camera.

Use “blackbox25” to get 25% off your order, check it out on Amazon with this link:

CamHome Olva Security Camera v.s. Blackbox Security Camera

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