How To Boost Your Business Email Click-Through Rates

Business email

Email marketing can be one of the most effective methods of promotion for your business. Emails can be a great way to advertise your brand, products, and promotions to possible customers. Not only do you want people to receive and read your emails, but you also want people to click through your emails. This link can be to your website to make a purchase, schedule an appointment, download content, or learn more about your business. They can also be to your brand’s social media accounts, such as Instagram. With so many emails filling their inbox, strategizing your email campaign is important. Here’s a guide on how to boost your business email click-through rates.

1. Be mobile friendly

Making your emails accessible on all platforms is important in making sure people read them and click-through. Many people primarily read their emails on their mobile devices, so make sure your business email is readable.

Make sure your text and layout are appropriate on desktops, tablets, and cellphones alike. By making it mobile-friendly you can increase clicks, while also being more informative to your target audience.

If your audience can’t access your email, they will likely not read and delete your email, making your marketing strategy pointless.

2. Use triggered emails

Triggered emails are a great way to get the click-through rate of your business emails up. Trigger emails are emails that give people more information on an action they’ve taken and are sent automatically.

Trigger emails can be sent after someone:

  • Makes a purchase
  • Signs up to your newsletter
  • Downloads content
  • Registers an account

Since these emails are sent after someone initiates with your brand, it increases the likelihood that someone will click through. Customers or users will want to learn more information about the action they’ve just taken and hear more about your brand.

If you are already using trigger emails and want to increase your click-through rates, try adding in incentives. By including a discount or highlighting a deal at the end of trigger emails, the rate of clicks will increase even more.

3. Consider your timing

Before sending out your emails, consider when you put them out. While people are always checking their email, there are certain trends that appear.

People tend to be checking through large amounts of emails early in the morning and late at night. If your email is more recent in their inbox, they’ll be more likely to open it and click your links.

Try early morning before 6 am and later in the day before 11 pm. These are common times people check their emails. Also, consider differing emails and where your customer base lives.

People check their email all week so the day matters less than the time. People do check their emails at slightly higher rates on Fridays and slightly lower rates on weekends, so you may want to consider this as well.

4. Make it personal

Everyone loves feeling special, so why not consider it in your email marketing strategy. Make the emails you send out personal to the people you sent them to.

One way to grab people’s attention is by putting their names in the email. By putting someone’s name in the subject and beginning of your email draws the user’s eye in and encourages them to read your content.

Another great way of personalizing emails is targeting its content to the individual user. Try sending product recommendations based on a user’s past clicks and purchases based on their data. This increases the likelihood that the user will be interested in the products in your email, therefore increasing clicks and purchases.

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