3 Things That Every Brand Needs To Be Successful

Brand Needs To Be Successful

Branding is something that all businesses need, whether you are a one-person startup or an established small business.

The importance of creating a brand identity is something that cannot be underestimated. 

3 Things That Every Brand Needs To Be Successful

1. Consistency

For a brand to have an impact and build up a strong brand identity, it needs to be consistent. Brand consistency is essential for several reasons. One of the most important reasons for keeping your brand consistent is to build up recognition of your brand. If you want your brand to be synonymous with your business, then it has to be consistent.

A consistent brand means that the brand should always be recognizable. One of the most recognizable elements of a brand is the logo. The logo is primarily a visual shortcut, so the same logo must be used in the same way throughout your branding. This means that everything from the graphics on your work vehicle, through to carrier bags should all feature the same logo used in the same way.

Large companies carefully plan their brand and then produce brand guidelines to ensure that their brand is always used consistently. These guidelines are also passed on to other organizations that may feature the company. If your logo always appears on the top right, then you will want the same rules to apply when anyone else needs to feature your logo.

2. Personality

Brand consistency isn’t just concerned with the look of your brand and how it is used; it also needs to have a consistent personality.

The personality of your brand can be thought of as the embodiment of what your brand stands for. Your brand’s personality will communicate what your business is, and the values it represents. The brand personality of a high-end, luxury brand is very different from that of a budget retailer.

Your brand’s personality should come across in the tone of voice you use on your company’s social media posts. This consistency also applies to your website, and any advertising you do. 

3. Longevity

Many of the most successful, well-established companies in the world, have instantly recognizable brands that have stood the test of time. Think of Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Shell; each of these has reached the pinnacle of brand success. They have become iconic brands, so much so that people collect vintage advertising items featuring these brands.

Creating a brand that has longevity sounds complicated, but really, it is all about making your brand so strong that it won’t date. The key to building a strong brand is to make it truly represent your business. Make sure your brand is consistent, and make sure it is built on your reputation, rather than a passing fad.

Protecting Your Brand

Building up brand recognition is a process that takes money, time, and effort. Creating a recognizable brand with an easily identifiable personality is no easy task. Therefore, you must protect your brand. Take a look at the brand protection guide to find out more about protecting your brand from falling victim to brand abuse.

Brand Needs To Be Successful