How To Ask Better Questions On Clubhouse

Better questions Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a social media app that allows you to connect with others over shared interests or topics of discussion. Through these conversations with others, you can expand your mind and beliefs as you engage with others with a variety of world views. Asking valuable questions on the app can help you draw attention and engagement, increasing your visibility and connections. Clubhouse can be used to grow your business or platform as an influencer, so it’s important to put your best foot forward. Here are some tips on how to ask better questions on Clubhouse.

1. Start off right

When writing questions on Clubhouse, it’s important to grab the audience’s attention as soon as possible. Starting off a question with personal information and a storyline is likely to lose readers, as the wordy lead-up is boring.

To start off strong try using the following words at the beginning of your question:

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • How
  • Why

Asking questions that start off right out of the gate allows the readers to immediately interact with it. When reading, right away they ask themselves the same question and are more inclined to answer.

2. Stay concise

In today’s age of TikTok and constant entertainment, people tend to have a relatively short attention span on apps. It’s important not only to grab users’ attention on Clubhouse with question words but also avoid overwhelming them.

When writing your prompts make sure to stay concise. Avoid adding in unneeded details and wordy language.

Try keeping questions to one sentence in length, or two if needed. This will prevent the audience from being distracted from the question at hand, increasing the likelihood that they’ll respond.

Similarly, avoid asking two unrelated questions in one post. Asking the second question detracts from the first. users get distracted by an overload of information and will be briefer in their response. Stick to one complete thought and save the other question for another post and possible opportunity to create engagement.

3. Be daring

When asking questions, don’t shy away from the tough questions. Oftentimes it may seem simpler to stay safe with easy, less provocative questions.

Often these questions are overused and less interesting. Try asking deeper questions, that cause users to reflect and have valuable answers.

By daring to be different you will increase your engagement, becoming more successful on the platform.

Even when trying to ask more provocative questions, it’s important to stay polite and appropriate. No one will want to meaningfully engage with a blunt and rude question, and you want to ensure your audience has a positive reaction to your question.

By remaining honest and avoiding rumors, you are able to keep your legitimacy and authority with users, increasing your following.

4. Avoid talking points

Typically, when prepared to answer questions about certain topics, people have their go-to answers that they can mold to fit a variety of promotes. This can prevent deep and meaningful responses, by filling them in with surface-level answers that have generic facts.

Try to get your audience to go deeper by asking more specific, unique questions. Instead of asking a question that can easily be answered with Googled answers, get the reader to formulate a new response based on their own beliefs, experiences, and reasoning. While incorporating these facts into your argument can be valuable, pushing respondents to have a new response is what makes Clubhouse more fun and interesting than answer questions on a search platform.

Get on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a fun app that allows you to connect with others over shared topics. By asking better questions on Clubhouse you will be able to increase your following and visibility, promoting yourself and your business. You can also make a valuable connection with those around you as you better understand others and their viewpoints. During divisive times, being able to respectfully understand and connect with others is a powerful thing.

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Better questions Clubhouse

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