The biggest benefit of all for customizable online invoice templates?

Time. You save tons of it.

All you need to do is add the necessary customer information and send it on its way.

But the perks don’t stop there.

Below are some more positives of using custom invoice template services like Invoice Home

The Best Benefits Of Customizing Your Invoices

1. Better Brand Awareness

If you want an immediate leg up on the competition, then turning something as mundane as an invoice into something interesting and branded is your key to success. Think of a branded invoice almost like a business card, but with the contact information comes a bill. 

The branding of your invoices will increase brand recall during one of the final points of contact between your client and your business. One company that will be sure to make your branded invoices look their best is Invoice Home.

Not only will you be able to choose the look that fits best with your brand, but you can also choose from 100 free templates. So, save yourself some money on business cards (ha) and invest in Invoice Home! 

With Invoice Home’s payment link feature, your customers can pay you by credit card or PayPal directly from the invoice you send. Don’t wait for a check in the mail, use Invoice Home’s templates and save time.

If you are looking to further your company’s brand recognition even more, then try out Invoice Home’s receipt templates as well. The receipt templates also allow you the chance to choose a template – setting your business apart from the rest of the industry.

2. Easily Organized and Efficient

Having a service like Invoice Home allows you to generate invoices smoothly, and keep things organized. Simple as that. Creating an invoice using Invoice Home is painless and it saves your clients time as well.

Using a customized template will allow you to work more efficiently because you can create templates for all business purposes, such as estimates, invoices, receipts, and more– enabling you to send paperless paperwork out to your clients as soon as they need it!

Invoice Home also saves all your client information, so you can easily do monthly billing and streamline the entire sales process (ie. send an estimate, then send an invoice, then send a receipt once it is paid).

3. Completely Customizable 

Want more perks? Well, we have got them for you. 

Using Invoice Home allows you to add not only your logo but adjust the overall design so it fits with your brand. Designing an invoice from scratch can take time and could require you to hire a graphic designer.

Sure, you could make your own invoice for free using Excel or MS Word, but navigating these platforms for making an invoice can be a painstaking and manual process.

Save yourself the time and cash – use a professionally-designed invoice template that only requires you to make minor changes quickly and efficiently on Invoice Home. 

Additionally, you can upgrade your plan with Invoice Home and invest in a paid plan for only $5/month when invoicing over $1000 in a 30-day period. It sounds like a good investment to me!

4. Tax Tasker

Last, but far from least, having an organized set of customized invoices can really be useful during tax season.

Specifically, keeping all your business invoices in a digital file makes it easier for tax season, because you are not burdened by wasting time searching for physical files in a filing cabinet or sifting through your labels in your email.

Additionally, it can be a good way to store all relevant documents in case of an audit. This way auditors have no reason to question you or your business. 

Save time and money, and get back to growing your business by using a customizable invoice template from Invoice Home. 

Claire Erickson is currently a blogging intern at LadyBossBlogger. Claire has just returned from studying abroad at the London College of Fashion and will finish her senior year studying retail merchandising back at her home university – University of Minnesota (Twin Cities). She will graduate in the spring of 2020 and is looking forward to having a future in buying, trend research, or planning.