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Every single blog post benefits the charity we support; THE MICAH PROJECT.

WHY should you post on LadyBossBlogger:

  • A portion of the funds will go towards helping street kids in Honduras (my husband was once one of these street kids until he was picked up by the Micah Project!!!).
  • Another portion will go towards advertising your post for you.
  • Unique content creation is crucial for entrepreneurial credibility, being interviewed and guest posting are sure ways to help you gain desired attention for your business while supporting a charitable cause.

Eligibility for posting on LadyBossBlogger:

  • Must be a female entrepreneur to post on LBB
  • Anyone can donate

Sponsorship = Partnership

  • I believe sponsorship is more like a partnership. I don’t believe in packages because nothing is one size fits all, please reach out to to discuss ideas on ways to partner together!

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