One day Arlean Timmons decided to host a Women’s Empowerment Conference. Fueled by her passion for leadership and equipped with her masters degree in Transformative Leadership, Arlean’s business started to blossom from that decisive moment. Read our interview with the lovely Arlean below…


What motivated and inspired you to start your own business?

My daughter inspired me. I knew there was more to life. One day I was sitting on my sofa and it hit me like a ton of bricks, to host a Women’s Empowerment Conference. And I set out to do just that. And the rest is history.

Tell us about your business.

Arlean Timmons Enterprise, has evolved over the years. I started with YES! Women on the Rise, and grew my portfolio from there. I have a M.S. in Transformative Leadership so leadership is my passion. I live and breath all things leadership. Each one of my businesses is about helping others to become a better person, business owner, entrepreneur and how to make connections count and work.

Are you currently running any promos/contests/giveaways that you would like our readers to know about?

Not at the moment. But be sure to follow me on social media. My business bestie and I will be launching a new venture in the coming weeks.

Where is your business based?

Atlanta, GA.

What were the first few steps you took to get your business up and running?

Step 1: Mission/Vision/Purpose
Step 2: Business Address/Business Number
Step 3: Logo/website/social media
Step 4: Professional Photos
Step 5: Obtain an EIN

These are the basics to getting started. Then you grow from here. But you have to start somewhere.


What has been the most effective way of raising awareness of your business and getting new customers?

For me it has been being consistent. Staying true to who I am as a person. Not getting caught up on social media and what it is others are doing. I keep my eyes on my own paper. I do right by everyone I meet. So my business travels by word of mouth. And proper marketing. You have to have a marketing budget.

What have been your biggest challenges so far?

The fear of the unknown. Going through a test and being able to pass them. Learning the lesson the first time around. Self-Doubt. Believing in myself. Rejection.

How did you overcome these challenges?

I overcame these challenges because “I am an overcomHER”… I knew my faith was going to carry me the furthest, even on my darkest days. I knew that without my daughter, my vision would not have come to life. I knew by overcoming adversity, not taking no for answer and dealing with rejection would only make me a better person, friend, leader, mother, sister and daughter. I choose to rise above. I choose to love. I choose to forgive. I choose to go in peace. I choose to be happy. I choose to persevere in spite of and regardless of. And for that very reason I am covered in grace.

How do you keep motivated through difficult times?

Prayer and meditation. When in doubt – pray it out. My faith is what carries me. I always believe there is a silver lining in the clouds. I also know there is light at the end of tunnel. The key is, you have to keep going. I served in the Air Force Reserve for 10 years so we don’t quit. We have a winning mentality. I have positioned myself and trained myself “either way I’m going to win” that’s how I have set myself up. No matter the outcome. Arlean will win.

How did you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

What competitors? Fortunately, there is enough room for all of us to win. I don’t look at anyone as my competition. What’s for me is mines (point blank period) and what’s for you is for you (and trust me I don’t want it). I’m going to win at life because I choose too. Within that same token. I am a very transparent person. I own my story. If you want to know something about me, I have no problem sharing. Everyone knows I’m a single mother and that Madisyn is my world. And I meet everyone exactly where they are in life. I accept you just the way you are. I have a no judgement zone. And I love everyone for who they are.


What is the best advice you have received recently?

I recently started studying Maya Angelou and her teachings and one of her lessons that resonate with me is: “When you know better, you do better.” I apply this to every area of my life personal and business. Now that I know better, I do much better.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

Get consistent. In order to thrive as an entrepreneur in the 21st Century. Be consistent in everything that you do. That’s what will set you apart from everyone else. Get consistent and stay consistent.

What is your favorite business tool or resource?

I love all things Google. If you are just starting in business and have a budget. Google will be your best resource. You can run your entire business from Google.

What social media outlets do you use? List them below.

Instagram @yeswomenontherise @arleantimmons @theleadershipbar
Twitter @yeswomen2014
Hashtags #theleadershipbar #arleansroundtable #womensupportingwomen #yeswomenontherise #1000leadersstrong

What is a good article or book you have read recently?

Everyday I read articles regarding women in leadership and corporate america. I am currently reading: “The Seven Spiritual Laws” by Deepak Chopra, “The Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes, and “You are a Bad Ass” by Jen Sincero.


What are you currently learning about for your business or looking for help with?

As I have grown over the years, I need an entire team to help me. I used to be able to do it all by myself. Now I cannot. I am currently in the process of recruiting for Arlean Timmons Enterprise.

What are your goals for the next few months and how are you striving to achieve them?

Currently closing out Q4 2016. I will be making sure I have achieved all of my goals for 2016 and finish planning for Q1 2017. I will begin planning for YES! Women on the Rise 4th Annual Empowerment Conference February 2017. I love to write. So, what I normally do is get my planner and notebook and map out my goals and what it will take to achieve them. If I need to hire a contractor or vendor to complete it I will reach out to additional resources and ask for pricing and budget accordingly. Everything that I do is planned well in advice. That’s a major key to success. You have to plan, prioritize and implement.