5 Apps That Can Help Anyone Work From Home

5 Apps That Can Help Anyone Work From Home LadyBossBlogger.com

With everything that’s going on in the world these days, more and more people are finding themselves working from home.

Aside from needing a quiet place to work without interruptions, there are a few essential apps that can help you get your work done.

5 Apps That Can Help Anyone Work From Home

1. Evernote

Office work entails using and referencing documents of all kinds. If you have Evernote, you not only have access to all of the notes and documents that you need, you can also use it as a document scanner app to add the paperwork you need to the cloud so that anyone on your team can reference them immediately. This app is essential for those working from home. 

2. Google Assistant

You might have little assistants to help you if you’re surrounded by your family at home, but you also need to have a virtual assistant that can transcribe your thoughts, make appointments, and answer questions. Enter Google Assistant. This app is akin to Alexa, Cortana, and Siri, but better due to the fact that all the information you input into Google is also known by Google Assistant. Use this app to make reservations, to send messages, and even to plan your schedule. 

3. LastPass

Whether you work from home or in an office, you are more than likely to have a number of passwords and user names to a variety of sites that you use to do your business. It’s hard to keep track of which password goes with which user name for every site. Thankfully password managers like LastPass exist. This app will store all of your passwords and usernames. All you need is a master password that you’ll use with the app to unlock all of your password data for all your sites. There’s even a Notes section where you can store all of your answers to secret questions.

4. Carbonite

While working from home, we might be wondering if living without the internet is even possible. It is, but you won’t be getting much work done. Thankfully, there’s Carbonite. If you’re going offline for a while, it’s helpful to know that all of your files are safely backed up. Online backup apps are great for this. This can be done with Carbonite.

5. Wave

Payments and charges pile on, even when you’re not in the office, you need to stay on top of your finances. This makes Wave essential for those who suddenly find themselves working from home. With Wave, you have the ability to manage your business bank accounts, pay bills, send invoices, and store receipts. Even if you’ve managed to square away your financial issues before working from home, it’s always a good thing to know you have access to the financial information and tools you need right when you need them. 

One of the good things about working from home, is the enormous amount of flexibility you have. You’re able to work whenever and wherever you choose. Making sure that all the apps you need are installed on your devices can make this even easier.

5 Apps That Can Help Anyone Work From Home LadyBossBlogger.com