How To Track Affiliate Conversions In Google Analytics, Google Ads, And Facebook

Google Analytics

Analyzing the conversion performance of traffic sources, campaigns, and website content can be a challenging task for affiliate bloggers. Often, conversions happen externally and are not easily be tracked within tools such as Google Analytics.

So, most affiliate bloggers look at conversion data without any connection to their traffic data. Unfortunately, this means they don’t actually know which session or click led to a conversion.

We Can Track launched a software that attributes conversion data of affiliate bloggers to their traffic data. Delivering full visibility on the conversion performance of their:

  • Websites
  • Pages
  • Offers
  • Traffic sources
  • Campaigns

When making use of We Can Track’s Google Analytics integration feature, bloggers gain the advantage of having all their affiliate conversion data attributed to all available dimensions in Google Analytics. Thus, enabling them to dive deep into analyzing their actual monetary performance.

We Can Tack’s software sheds light on many unknown aspects and helps bloggers to optimize their content and campaigns.

Analytics integration

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics integration goes hand in hand with a Google Ads integration. Bloggers only have to link their Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts. This opens up a new channel and opportunity for many affiliate bloggers since they can finally have their conversion data within Google Ads.

Traffic and affiliate conversion data

Google Analytics

Via We Can Track, bloggers can connect all their traffic and affiliate conversion data with Data Studio. This allows them to build their own reports and dashboards.

Data Studio is an intuitive data visualization tool where users can create tables and graphs easily with a drag and drop system including all available dimensions and metrics.

Data collection software

Google Analytics

Affiliate bloggers often do not have the resources or know-how to build a data collection and attribution feature themselves. This is why We Can Track decided to take that task out of blogger’s hands and develop a solution which is easy to install and does not require any developers.

All that bloggers need to do is:

  • Create and account
  • Connect affiliate networks accounts via API credentials
  • Connect website(s) via We Can Track to your JavaScript or WordPress login
  • Enable integration features

If you would like to find out more about We Can Track’s features and how they work you can find more information on their website.

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Google Analytics

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