Adèle Théron Helps People Going Through Personal Trauma

What you’ll learn in this interview:

  • How Adele Theron became one of the world’s best divorce coaches in just 3 years
  • The digital tools she uses that established her as the #1 Divorce Retreat in the world
  • The 5 tiers of products she uses to dominate her market

Adèle Théron interview on ladybossblogger

How This Divorce Coach Runs Her Business Behind The Scenes

Business Lifestyle

1. What do you do? Who do you help?

I’m a divorce and relationship coach and author, and I’m best known for getting men and women over divorce in just 21 days, or less via our divorce retreats.

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Top Resources

2. List your favorite business tools.


  • QuoraActually it’s my business partner and husband that opened my eyes to this, and really worked out the formula of how to use it. The ability to read the actual real-life questions that people are asking and the language they use provides great insights into our audience. I reply directly whenever I can, and that digital answer is ever-green and will never decay. As a result, I think it’s a great platform for us to demonstrate our knowledge, provide quick wins, and to re-affirm our position at the top of our industry.
  • FacebookIt’s essential and unavoidable. I mean who’s not of BookFace right! My brand is called ‘NakedDivorce’ because it’s about the honest ‘naked’ truth, and my facebook life is a little window into my world for those that are interested. At this moment in time we are not really using it commercially, although we have in the past.


  • ConvertKitIt’s a great tool for delivering auto-response messages, but it does a lot more. We use the Site-Mapping tool, to help us send the right message, to the right person, at the right time. That’s easy to say, but it takes some time to do, and a lifetime to perfect. The Deals section is also valuable for us, enabling my team to work together on the same database, responding to inquiries in a fluid, and a self-documenting way is invaluable.
  • SumoMePopups get a bad rap, but when they are done well they can be very beneficial to both the business and the user. My business partner is a big fan, and he is not easily pleased. So this is highly recommended, just make sure you set it up correctly.


  • UdemyThey have a great video content delivery platform. To-be-honest they kind-of screw up the marketing but despite this it’s still a great platform. The direct sales provides a little income, but the follow-up sales is a great and significant addition to our business. We’ll be doing more on this in the next 12-24 months.
  • Quora / SlidesThese are both web framework tools. We can create web content, that looks slick and beautiful in a fraction of the time we could using other tools. It doesn’t do everything, in-fact it does very little, but does it very well. It’s a major business advantage for us.


  • XeroWe recently made the move over to Xero from Quickbooks due to their improved international currency tools. The reporting’s good too.


  • CalendlyWe’ve tried and failed with a few. This is the best tool we’ve found by some distance. Neat, easy-to-use, and has enough depth for our needs.

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3. What are your favorite courses, websites, and books?


  • Dent – Superb course of Entrepreneurs if you qualify. If you don’t qualify read all his (Daniel Priestley’s) books, and follow it like a bible. Excellent at improving a business’s position and standing in their industry. A great asset to my business when I started my journey.


  • Wealth Dynamics – This is an online test I highly recommend you take. Will help you understand yourself, who you need to team up with for commercial success. Any significant member of staff that joins our business must complete this to even be considered. It’s that good.


  • AHREFS – Superb SEO analysis tool. Will enable you to understand your own website’s weaknesses (as well as strengths). More importantly though with the right effort, patience, and investigation you will discover the commercial opportunities in your industry, and enable your business to use that as a powerful business advantage in your industry. It’s expensive for a reason.

Best Advice

4. What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

  • “You can generate yourself to be powerful in life and be there to deliver, no matter your circumstances, emotions or issues.” – Werner Erhardt

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5. What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

  1. Sustainability – Find a way to sustain and fund your business so you can build your way to profitability. It does not (despite what some will tell you), happen over-night.
  2. Go global – you must go global. If you don’t others that have will erode your market, whilst you are unable to penetrate theirs.
  3. Robots – use robots (digital tools) to grow. Auto-responders, scheduling software, membership sites, social media, accountancy packages, webinar platforms, download pages and more are incredibly efficient to use, and can provide massive scalability even if you are still a micro-business.
  4. Create 5 tiers of products and services;
    • P4P’s – Products for prospects that are delivered free.
    • Quick win’s – Products that provide some quick wins for your audience, demonstrate your knowledge and skill in your specialism, and engage with your prospects.
    • Core services – what you will be known for, and probably the initial service you thought you would be delivering.
    • Premium services – your catwalk high-end premium service, that will typically provide 25-50% of your annual profit.
    • Recurring revenue – membership sites, etc. What my partner calls a sanity product, because it provides a secure, highly stable income that every business needs.

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Business Lifestyle

6. What is your beauty and fitness routine?


I use The Ordinary and Niod skincare serums and products. I love the company ethos and simplicity of their products. I believe in sunscreen every single day.


I go a High-Intensity Interval Training Bootcamp 3 times a week, I run, cycle and swim (for my triathlon trainings) and I do heavy weight training twice a week.

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7. What products or items are indispensable in your life?

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Business Models

8. What female entrepreneurs do you admire and look up to?

I look up to:

  • Oprah – for being a soulful and integrous person and prolific in creating so many amazing formats to reach so many people.
  • Ellen DeGeneres – for being funny and making a difference to so many people.

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Stay In Contact

9. List your social media platforms.