How To Achieve Results With Goals And Follow Through

Have you ever found yourself feeling like you are doing so much, but not seeing the results? Are you the type to make a few phone calls, with no reply and check it off your to-do list, just because you called? Have you ever met someone in the grocery store that was a potential client or prospective new connection? You get excited when you take their card, and now you don’t even remember where the card is? Here a few tips and resources to help you achieve your goals with follow through.

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs written by Devawn Testagrossa How To Achieve Results With Goals And Follow Through

Think about your WHY

Think about why you really want to achieve the goal you have set. Be honest with yourself about what the purpose of achieving this goal would be. It could be for personal gain, increase in revenue, empowerment, brand awareness on a global level or even to challenge yourself and your business. You need a BIG WHY and some LITTLE WHYS and must write them down. The BIG WHY is the big picture of what would be achieved if you accomplish your goal.  The little WHYS are milestones you reach indicating you are getting closer to your BIG WHY.

Be realistic about time

Think about the time you need to invest to get the outcome you are looking for. You, of course, may sacrifice some personal time, sleep, hobbies, etc to commit the time needed to follow through. If you decide, for example, to write a book that includes all the expertise you have gained in your years of entrepreneurship, then you better commit time to sit down and write every week or a few times per week if that book is ever going to get published.  Consistency = Follow Through.

Don’t rely on willpower

That’s right. If you rely on this alone, you may never accomplish your goals. Sometimes, we just don’t wake up with the will power to tackle the project we have been working on for the last 6 months that still isn’t complete. So, how do we ensure that will power will work for us? We pair it with systems. Yes, that’s right. For some businesses, this may involve a new management software or an app to dictate follow through when will power is low. A system for follow through is how goals are achieved. Make things easy and automate where you can!

Give yourself deadlines

I use a system introduced to me by John Dumas. This system breaks down goals into 10-day sprints and 25-day check-ins. This can be applied to your personal goals as much as it can be applied to your business goals. For example, here is how I break down my goal of getting healthy. Every 10 days, I change something to improve my diet, such as, decreasing my sugar intake, adding more greens, etc. At the 25-day check in, I offer myself incentives for committing to follow through, like a massage treat. Rewards are just as important as deadlines. They give you something to look forward to.

Have accountability

Weight Watchers was so successful because you never wanted to be the one that showed up to the meeting and hadn’t lost a pound! The meetings forced accountability. Decide who you will be accountable to. A business associate is a great choice! CLICK HERE to learn how to create your own LinkedIn group to keep you and your business associates on track!

We are often great at making task lists and setting goals. But, how great are we at following through is what produces the desirable outcome. Take time to put in the time to get results! Set goals. Take Action. Follow through!

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs written by Devawn Testagrossa How To Achieve Results With Goals And Follow Through

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs written by Devawn Testagrossa How To Achieve Results With Goals And Follow ThroughFounder of Multimedia Makeup Academy, Devawn Testagrossa is a global educator and mentor with a true entrepreneurial spirit focused on progression and innovation through intense leadership. Through the philosophy of living “Deliberately Balanced,” Devawn is able to be a wife to a crazy Sicilian, mom to two strong boys, run a premier academy, develop technological advances in beauty education, and mentor other women entrepreneurs.

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