7 Facebook Influencers To Follow

Do you always see influencer videos on your Facebook timeline? Don’t know whose content to search for? Want to find content that fits your lifestyle?

Look no further, because we’ve come up with a list of 7 Facebook influencers to follow for laughs, motivation, and inspiration.

1. Abi Clarke

Abi is a Facebook comedian. She makes hilarious content in doodles, videos, and sometimes even songs. She has racked up over 100,000 followers on the social media platform.

Her content is relatable and is sure to have you laughing!

2. Wendy Ida

Wendy is a fitness influencer whose a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist.

She shows her 30,000 Facebook followers that it’s never too late to take charge and make health and fitness your priority.

3. Angela Kim

Angela is the creator of “Mommy Diary,” a Facebook page and blog dedicated to parenting, home, travel, and authentic life stories.

She has over 100,000 followers that keep up with her mommy life on Facebook.

4. Jennifer Banz

Jennifer is the creator of “Low Carb Recipes with Jennifer” on Facebook. On her page, she shares low-carb and budget-friendly recipes guaranteed to make the whole family drool.

She also shares her story of health with her 950,000 followers.

5. Shauna Smart

Shauna runs the Facebook page, “The Best Blog Recipes.” Here she shares delicious foods with simple ingredients that her over 450,000 followers can recreate at home.

6. Kristen

Kristen, AKA “Driving Mom Crazy,” is a mommy Facebook influencer who writes posts about her daily life as a mother to three boys.

She also writes about her personal experiences with mental health and sprinkles in some humor along the way.

7. Jamie, Becky, and Nikkala

Jamie, Becky, and Nikkala, known on Facebook as “The Crafting Chicks,” post videos, photos, and how-to’s of their favorite crafts and recipes.

Their page inspires over 300,000 viewers.

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