5 WordPress Plugins That Will Transform Your Marketing

If you run your website on the most popular platform in the world, WordPress, you’re probably familiar with plugins. Plugins are different applications provided by a third-party developer, that allow for different features on your website. After working with beginner bloggers to fast-growing startups, I’ve seen that a lot of websites are lacking very simple features that can drastically improve their on-site marketing.

There are an indefinite number of plugins for anything you may need for your company’s website or blog, some are free while others have paid upgrades. Here are five WordPress plugins I use that can transform your on-site marketing.

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneur Eleni Cotsis on ladybossblogger LinkedStartups

Gravity Forms

While there are a million different options for creating contact forms for your website (I think I’ve tried just about all of them out), the Gravity Forms WordPress plugin goes above in beyond. Besides just contact forms, you can virtually create any type of form you would ever need someone to fill out.

For marketers, Gravity Forms works great for contact forms, newsletter subscribe forms, “fill-out-to-download” forms, and inbound quizzes. There are limitless options for which marketers can use Gravity Forms on their website and landing pages to increase effectiveness.

Super Socializer

If you’re like me and always scope out the free plugins before opting for the paid versions, you’ve probably searched for many different social share button plugins that have only provided a lot of frustration.

Super Socializer is one of the best social media share buttons plugin, and it’s free. It allows you to format your buttons in the best way that fits with your site’s design and feel, and has so many different social share channels to choose from that you can provide the best options for your readers. The Super Socializer WordPress plugin is really simple, easy-to-use, and is upkept well by their team so it’s not buggy.

Pop-Up Buddy 

Creating pop-up email captures can easily increase your conversions and grow your email list. Whether it’s for a free download or triggered by a specific on-page click, I usually recommend bloggers and companies have some type of pop to grow their email list.

Fitting for its name, the Pop-Up Buddy WordPress plugin allows you to easily create pop-ups for your website. It’s a great plugin to pair with Gravity Forms in order to create pop-ups for receiving contact information or user information.


Yoast was key in my learning of editorial SEO. It is the most popular SEO WordPress Plugin and I’d recommend it for anyone from SEO beginners to SEO experts. Yoast is great for content writers to check their work and make sure their blog posts are optimized for SEO while still being an easy-to-read article for users.

Broken Link Checker

The Broken Link Checker plugin for WordPress makes a difficult task easy. Broken links are both bad for SEO and user experience. Instead of going back through your websites pages and blog posts to make sure there are no broken links, the Broken Link Checker plugin does it for you. It even will send you weekly emails to show you which links are broken so you can go through and update them.

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneur Eleni Cotsis on ladybossblogger LinkedStartups

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneur Eleni Cotsis on ladybossblogger LinkedStartups
Eleni Cotsis is the co-founder and CEO of LinkedStartups. Before creating her own business, she was a marketing consultant for startups and small businesses both locally and internationally. Eleni loves finding creative ways to reach a target audience even in the most challenging niches.