5 Women-Owned Small Businesses With Amazing Blogs

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As our society progresses and learns to shed archaic ways of thinking, it’s important for women to be ready and able to step into the limelight. No matter your passion, there are plenty of resources available for those looking to start their own business. While this can be intimidating, there is plenty of material available for guidance. Here is a list of 5 women-owned small businesses with amazing blogs.

1. Leaders in Heels

While their main product is a stationary brand, this women owned business has an amazing blog for any person of the female persuasion looking to step into the limelight!

With a community of 200,000+ women, Leaders in Heels describes itself as “an online community and stationery brand created to nurture, inspire, and empower women.”

Their tagline?


Featuring interviews with entrepreneurial women and lessons on harnessing a champion mindset and how to meditate anywhere, Leaders in Heels is an awesome woman-owned business with a helpful blog for anyone looking to find their inner lady boss.

2. The Work at Home Woman

Next, we have The Work at Home Woman, created by mom and business owner Holly Reisem Hanna, this blog contains all the how-to’s necessary for being a stay-at-home lady boss.

She became a home based mother after the birth of her child, “but after a few months of play-dates, mommy and me classes, and a dwindling bank account, I felt the urge to make some money and exercise my brain.” She has now created a helpful, women owned business blog for people in similar situations as her.

With articles like how to make money on facebook, and how to sell your ebook online, Holly gives amazing insight for women looking to stretch their wings without leaving the nest.

Check out her ‘work at home career bundle’ today!

3. Beauty Bakerie

Next up, we have an awesome women-owned business centered around makeup! Beauty Bakerie is an awesome company owned by a woman of colored determined to create an awesome, affordable, and inclusive beauty brand.

Their mission statement claims their goal is to “be sweet and sweeten the lives of others. We are committed to encouraging men and women to feel both empowered and beautiful. Beauty Bakerie is a direct reflection of my perseverance and passion for great quality products that enhance the beauty in everyone, every day.”

While they have plenty of awesome products like Lip Whip and other baking based makeup products, they also post a number of articles like “The Truth Behind Vegan Friendly Makeup” and “Do’s and Doughnuts: How To Get Long Lasting, Smudge-Proof Liquid Lipstick”.

Check out this awesome, inclusive, woman owned business blog today!

4. She Did It Her Way

Created by Amanda Boelyn, She Did It Her Way started as a podcast based around her own experience in corporate America, which she was immersed in for two years.

Along with the podcast, this woman-owned business blog now boasts tons of articles on how to overcome achievement addiction, and various software helpful for starting your small business.

Everyone’s business journey is different, so Amanda is determined to cover a wide range of helpful business tips for all lady bosses.

5. See Girl Work

From see Jane run to See Girl Work, this woman-owned business blog is “a digital platform and content marketing studio. We provide resources, strategies and services to help you achieve your goals.”

This blog offers a wide variety of online courses and articles to help any woman begin her own business, as well as offering support from a huge online community!

With a variety of content involving black professionals and corporate to something as broad as starting a business plan, this women-owned business blog is instrumental to anyone looking to get involved in corporate America!

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women business blog ladybossblogger

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