5 Ways To Know If Your Business Needs Professional Public Relations

Public Relations like many other professions with low entry barrier is largely mystified and it’s not exactly clear what it does and how it benefits businesses.

Most people think that other than creating awareness for your business the role of public relations is really not justifiable especially when you have to pay for these services.

Businesses and important individuals will at some point require professional public relations services, but how do you know when it’s time to call for one?

See some pointers below:

5 Ways To Know If Your Business Needs Professional Public Relations

1. Your business has successfully launched a new product or service to a consumer segment.

Yes, it’s time to call in the professional, handing out nicely designed flyers or google ads might just not be enough. Public Relations engages the art of storytelling and creativity to help you reach your target audience and endear your new product/service to them.

They take your story of how and why you designed and produced this product and help the consumers see reasons why it will benefit them. This is special to PR professionals as the art of storytelling and testimonial recording is best rendered by a professional who is skilled in it.

2. You have a message for the media.

Here it is clear that not only do you need the help of a skilled writer to compose a story that will interest the editors and the media platforms, you also need someone who speaks their language and can help get your message across more effectively than you possibly can.

Remember this is not your core, you can focus on yours and let the professionals handle media relations on your behalf.

3. You are at the point where you need to establish yourself as the top player in the sector.

While there are self-approved ways to achieve this, PR professionals know how to help you build this reputation and more importantly sustain it. They help identify the catches in your success story and showcase these in the best light that makes it indisputable for you to be reckoned as a top player.

They also help identify thought leadership opportunities, speaking engagements which can effectively position you closer to your goals and let you apply yourself in a way that it is glaring for all to see that you are a top player.

4. Your business is prone to crisis.

PR Professionals do not only know how to put out the fire, they are best at identifying the fire starters and preventing any fire at all.

If you work in a volatile industry which is prone to crisis, it is best to engage professional public relations to help you identify the potential crisis spark points and set procedures in place to help resolve the crisis in a way that benefits your organization and your target audience.

5. You have a budget.

Although the bulk of PR work is secured from a good story pitch and relationships, you should be prepared to cover some third-party costs that may come with the process and of course the professional fees for the consultant.

These points indicate when your business is ready to go pro with PR, however, it’s important to not leave all of the work in the hands of the PR professional. Before engaging them, define your goals and your vision, what you hope to achieve with the process.

It’s easier to achieve more when you as a business already clarified your objectives for any public relations engagement. Do this and it’s a smooth run in establishing a favorable relationship for your business and your target market.

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Temi OphyliaTemi Ophylia Ibekwe is a Strategic Communications Professional with eight years hands-on experience in Public relations & Marketing working with technology, consumer brands, governments institutions and SMEs. She has worked attentively in key leading Public Relations & Marketing Firms in Nigeria in Strategy and Account Manager capacities and started in 2017, one of the fastest growing PR & Marketing Consultancies Lagos Nigeria, – Phyllion and Partners Limited.