Minimalism is a lifestyle that frees you from the consumer trap by making simplicity the foundation for your world.

It’s a method to rescue yourself from your current busy life so you can minimize pressure and spend more time building the business of your dreams.

Check out 5 benefits of adopting this way of life that may make you want to give it a try today!

5 Ways Minimalism Can Uplevel Your Life And Business

1. Reduce obligations to increase decision-making capacity

Imagine becoming better at negotiating and turning down deals that don’t work for your business goals. Imagine only taking action out of a positive energetic flow.

Sounds good right? By learning the lesson of only taking on what works for you, you’ll become a stronger, more confident leader.

The principle of keeping only the things in your life that you need and love will reap massive benefits. It will allow you to look at everything from a fresh perspective.

You will start to strengthen your decision making muscle and even say yes and no, for all the right reasons! Let’s live out of inspiration, not out of obligation.

2. Wear a uniform to up your productivity

Organize your wardrobe into a regular set of ‘uniforms’ like many top CEO’s do. I’m not talking about the type of branded uniform you’ll see the cashier wearing at your local grocery shop. This is a new level of capsule wardrobe living!

Many successful entrepreneurs are adopting this way of starting their day by having a regular ‘look’ so everything coordinates easily. You don’t have to go as far as a grey tee, black skinny jeans and canvas shoes every day, but you can stick a couple of styles you feel most comfy and confident in.

By spending less time agonizing over what to wear you can spend more time on money producing activities. Win, win!

3. Do what you’re good at and enjoy doing

Your workload will start to reduce as you shift your priorities in favor of adventure and relationship building.

By doing what you enjoy and are good at, you will happily outsource the rest and bring back the balance in your life. This means you won’t get into the all too common ‘bitter mode’ many entrepreneurs feel when all of their time and energy becomes swallowed up by making an income.

You will naturally start to be more adventurous, spend quality time with loved ones and find new passions to explore. When you become happier in all areas of your life you’ll love the time you spend in boss mode too.

4. Clear your space for a clear mind

Want better focus and productivity?

Try cleaning, purging and organizing your physical workspace. Your office, desk or studio is where you create magic to share value with the world. If you want to put out your best content without endless procrastination and distraction it’s vital your environment is conducive to that.

You can more easily concentrate on the task at hand when your subconscious mind is not thinking you’re a mess or failure everytime you see the neglected pile of papers on the floor or some other unfinished job.

By easily being able to find the equipment you need to support you through the day, you’ll feel more peaceful, clear and be efficient.

5. Invest money to find financial freedom

Instead of buying, maintaining, replacing, even paying out to store all the stuff you own that don’t fit in your home anymore; you can re-direct the cash to paying off debt, investing and living!

By adopting a simpler way of life you gain freedom. Freedom to travel more, experience retreats, hire coaches and so much more. These will not only make you a better entrepreneur but also a richer human being.


Minimalism isn’t about deprivation, it’s about creating the time and space to enjoy your life.

You can enjoy fewer distractions, less worry about taking care of your possessions, more savings, better finances, and more room to focus on life-giving experiences.

Ultimately when you become happier and make decisions from an uncluttered mind and authentic place, your business thrives too!

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Nadine Barrett is the founder of Just Me On Life Coaching & The Emerging Warrior Virtual Retreat. She guides men and women through their pain into their potential, to live the life they truly desire.