5 Startup Resources For Women Entrepreneurs

Looking for resources to take your startup to the next level? Read on!

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs on ladybossblogger Arlean Timmons 5 Startup Resources For Women Entrepreneurs

The Leadership Bar – “A Place Where Leaders Can Lead”

The Leadership Bar, was created by Arlean Timmons. The Leadership Bar is a one stop shop for creating leaders for the 21st Century. Its mission is to create effective and efficient leaders that are ready to re-define leadership! Together we are 1,000 Leaders Strong! Join the movement today #1000leadersstrong… change starts from within yourself!

The Business Bestie Network – Connect. Collaboration. Accountability.

The Business Bestie Network was founded by 2 women, Sygie Sumlin Jackson and Arlean Timmons. Every week they hold a virtual conference call in efforts to hold themselves accountable and wanted to provide the same for women all over the world. Their mission is increase the unity of women worldwide through collaboration, accountability, and connections.

The BBN provides low barrier start up systems for growing businesses. The BBN prides itself for facilitating transparent and personal  consultations. A method often used is the K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Sweetie) method. Join today: bit.ly/JOINBBN.

Fiverr – Get Anything Created For $5

Freelancers offer their services for $5 and up in areas as diverse as graphics and design, writing, music and audio, video and animation, programming and more. Fiverr is a one stop for all your needs.

Glambitious Network – Resources For Female Professionals

Created by Publicist/Author Lillie Mae, GlambitiousIAM.com is a multifaceted platform that provides an array of resources for female professionals. Such resources include masterclasses like “How To Plan Your Own Tour”, books including “How To Earn $5K In 30 Days“, E-Guides like “How To Secure Sponsorships,” as well as publicity and interview opportunities. The site also lists information on empowerment events around the country and has a membership opportunity for entrepreneurs. The social media extension of the site on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is @GlambitiousIAM.

Trello – Project Management Tool

Trello is a virtual collaboration tool that allows you to manage various projects at one time. It’s a one-stop-shop for you and your time and everyone can easily access from their phones.

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs on ladybossblogger Arlean Timmons 5 Startup Resources For Women Entrepreneurs

Arlean Timmons is a business woman, leadership coach, teacher, author of RE-PO Yourself and motivational speaker. Arlean is committed to helping young women across the world to achieve success through empowering, uplifting and informing them of the possibilities that lie within them to live a purposeful life. Read her interview on LadyBossBlogger to learn more about her!