5 Resources For The Online Health And Financial Coach

As an online health and financial coach, being able to effectively and efficiently work your business is huge. Having the right resources helps save time, can help to keep you organized, and make it easier to work with clients. With all the tools and resources out there that an online health and finance coach can use, I’ve found these 5 to be my favorites.

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneur Tiffany Stokes health and fitness coach

Acuity Scheduling – Appointment Setting Tool

As an online coach, I can have several calls during the week. Early on, before I started using this system, I tried scheduling calls the old school way… by writing everything down. The problem with that, for me, was that I would sometimes write down the wrong date or time, or double book calls. I needed an easier way to schedule calls but also so that these calls went automatically on my calendar. I love how easy Acuity is to use. You can start off using the system for free. There are also upgrade options that you can choose, especially if you want to set up more than one type of calendar. Prices range from $10 to $34 per month after the free option.

Voxer – Messaging App

Being able to communicate with my clients on a regular basis is important for me. Sometimes it’s easier for a client to leave a voice message than trying to type their thoughts in an email. That’s where Voxer comes in. With this app, you can leave written messages and even voice messages up to 15 minutes long. You can attach documents and photos, as well. I also love that you can create groups to connect others as well. This app is free and you get a lot of features with the free option. You can upgrade to the Pro version for extra features, which is $3.99 per month or $29 per year.

Zoom – Video Messaging System

As an online coach, I like to be able to see my clients from time to time. Since the majority of my clients are located in other states, I can’t see them in person. This is why I enjoy using Zoom. It’s a system where you can place video calls. I also like the fact that, if it’s a session that I want the client to be able to look back on, I can record our meeting. This comes in handy if I’m conducting a live cooking lesson with a client or showing them how to use a financial system. The basic plan to use Zoom is free. If you do group calls, you’re limited to 40 minutes. You can upgrade to one of 3 paid accounts, depending on the needs of your business.

Canva – Design Program

Being an online health and financial coach means that I do nearly all of my marketing online. I love using Canva to create graphics for social media. Of course, I can do so much more with Canva than create social media graphics. Canva can be used to create documents, business card templates, and a host of other business needs. Once I upgraded to the business plan, I was able to add my logo and color palate so that I can create designs unique to my brand. The basic plan is Free, and Canva for Work option is $12.95 per month.

Google – Search Engine

Google is one of my most used resources. When I’m working with a client, I usually have to do a lot of research, especially when it comes to health related searches. Being able to access Google while I’m on a call with a client allows me to find information for them right then and there so that they don’t have to wait. I also love that it doesn’t cost anything to use Google.

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneur Tiffany Stokes health and fitness coach

For me, it’s important to have resources that are going to help me be successful in my business. Using these resources have saved me time and money in my business and they also help me to connect with my clients more. There are other resources that I use, but these are my most used as well as my favorites.

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneur Tiffany Stokes health and fitness coach

Tiffany Stokes, the Healthy Accountant, is a health and financial coach who helps women entrepreneurs who suffer from chronic disease take back their health and finances. To learn more about her, read her interview on LadyBossBlogger. Read her interview on LadyBossBlogger to learn more about her.