As a fitness professional and motivational speaker, I spend my days preparing for clients and various events. Organization and time management are crucial. Without my iPad, I’d be lost. No really, I wouldn’t know how to function with it.

My iPad/assistant has increased my responsiveness to my clients and reduced the amount of paperwork that I carry around. I can finally see the backseat of my car! Well, at least part of it. But it’s a start. How am I able to remain organized? Today, I’d like to share with you a few of my favorite tools that I use in my personal training business.

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneur Beverly Johnson on ladybossblogger personal trainer fitness

1. Google Shared Drive

For each client, they have a training program stored on the drive. When I need to share information with my clients, I can push down information regardless of where I am. The app can be downloaded on any device.   Google Drive allows me to create word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Everything that I need is located in one spot.

2. Fit Radio

I teach a variety of classes and music is a must! However, finding the right sound can be difficult and time-consuming. This app is awesome! Fit Radio provides DJ mixes arranged by genre and workout type. Whether you’re looking for a playlist for kickboxing or the treadmill, this app will not disappoint you. You have the option of using the basic package for free or upgrading to the premium package for $4 a month.

3. My Watermarks

Using this app is a great way to watermark your logo or hashtag to anything that you’re posting on social media. It’s a good way to keep your brand visible to current and prospective clients. The app is free and user-friendly.

4. FreshBooks

No matter the size of your business, having a solid financial foundation is key. It’s imperative that you understand what your expenses are. Preparation is the key. It will eliminate the stress that happens every year during tax time. FreshBooks can be downloaded on multiple platforms. And if you prefer, you can have the tool installed on one device. Depending on what your business needs are, you can select the level of service that best suits you.

5. Mile IQ

I spend a lot of time in my car. And truth is, I don’t always remember to log my miles for each trip. The Mile IQ app allows me to manage my mileage. This app allows me to customize it based on my personal needs. You can use the app for FREE if you log 40 drives or less.

If you anticipate that you’ll be traveling more, you can pay the monthly subscription or pay the annual fee. The monthly cost is $6 month. We spend that for a cup of coffee. When it’s time to do your taxes, you can create a report and it will be sent to your email address. How cool is that?!

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneur Beverly Johnson on ladybossblogger personal trainer fitness

I’ve found these resources to be budget friendly, easy to use and they have made my life easier! If you’d like any more information or want to share your experiences with me, I’d love to hear from you! May your coffee be strong and your day be amazing!

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneur Beverly Johnson on ladybossblogger personal trainer fitnessBeverly Johnson, owner of Genesys Fitness. Beverly is a motivational life coach who teaches women how to reinvigorate their lives through proper diet, personalized fitness programs and self-care. At GenFit, we believe self-care takes priority over caring for others because it is in caring for ourselves that we make the best caregivers. Read her interview on LadyBossBlogger to learn more about her.