5 Powerful Principles To Expedite Your Business Growth

After having worked with some of the worlds biggest leaders and brands, I’ve realized that although there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to success. There are some powerful principles that form the foundation of what it takes to create rapid growth.

Here are 5 key strategies you can use straight away:

5 Powerful Principles To Expedite Your Business Growth

1. Get specific 

Write an outcome statement that sets out specifically what you want to achieve in the past tense as if it was already done.

Write down how many people you want to impact, in what ways that benefit them, and exactly how you want to work. For example, do you want to be giving interviews, building online groups, presenting, selling products and services, writing books? Get really clear on what you want to be doing at your next level.

Write the statement in the past tense and make it aspirational.

  • “I have transformed ____”.
  • “I have impacted ____”.
  • “I have revolutionized ____”.

The past tense leads your brain to thinking that it’s done and stops you from mental resistance over it or making it feel “out there” rather than within reach. It has to feel like a done deal, and a past tense outcome statement helps you shift your identity into that version of yourself now.

2. Raise your profile

Raise your profile around the positioning of your outcome statement. Consider how that person would position themselves now. That’s not saying anything untrue or inauthentic. Rather, it’s claiming now the space you want to own.

When raising your profile, make sure you only speak to your audience. Get clear on exactly who they are and speak to what is most relevant to them, playing to what defines you and separates you out in the market.

3. Give more value to more people

If you want to grow, you have to find more ways to give more value to more people. How can you do that for your audience?

This could be through content, new products and services, and other ways to get your work out in the world that adds real value to people’s lives.

4. Be credible

Find ways to establish your authority in a bigger way—show real insight and understanding of your field and audience. Use social proof, examples, and stories to establish authority and build resonance. Be part of the relevant conversations in your field or niche.

5. Adopt the beliefs

You need to adopt the mindset, identity, and beliefs of the person who has already achieved the outcome statement.

Go back to the statement and ask yourself;

  • “If I had that result now what would I believe?
  • What would I always do and what would I never do?
  • What qualities do I need to develop right now to become that person?

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