5 Influencers Outside of Tech and Beauty

The internet allows the world to connect in ways we never could have imagined. As social media apps are created and expand, we are shown new interests we never knew we had! Sometimes, however, the field feels limited. I enjoy beauty influencers immensely and find tech influencers very helpful. But what about some of my niche interests? Read on for a list of 5 influencers outside of tech and beauty!

1. Stauffer Garage

Now, I wouldn’t call myself a car girl. I can tell the difference between an SUV, a truck, and a luxury car, and that’s about it. However, quarantine left me with a great deal of time to dig through youtube. Low and behold, I found this awesome Youtube account, Stauffer Garage!

Run by a man named James Stauffer, this account allows close-up videos of disgusting cars, and the nitty-gritty work it takes to clean them. While his videos are immensely enjoyable to watch, he also sells various cleaning tools on his website.

Sometimes, the best thing to do when you’re anxious is to watch someone detail a car. It’s relaxing to revel in the before and after shot!

Follow Stauffer Garage today!

2. The Morning Toast

Good Morning Millenials! This one is a personal favorite of mine. The Morning Toast is a podcast run by two sisters, Jackie and Claudia O’shry.

While these girls do touch upon beauty tips, their main grab is their bubbly personalities and easy to listen to conversations! While their show is slightly comedic, they also offer a lot of really awesome advice to some of their more ‘lost’ viewers.

The two girls are very family and religious-oriented, but without shoving their ideas down your throat. Their podcast and live shows have become a place of comfort for many people. Not to mention their merch is absolutely adorable!

Go check them out!

3. Ladies and Tangents

Up next, we’ve got another podcast! Say hello to Jeri and Ciara. These two loveable cousins first gained popularity on TikTok, where their snippets of hilarious conversation got the attention of millions.

Both millennial mothers who struggle with mental health, Ciara and Jeri are not afraid to show both sides of their personalities: the hilarious free spirit, and the downtrodden modern woman. From questions about sex, periods, and even DUI’s, the women are unafraid of any topics thrown their way.

Perhaps my favorite thing about them is their slogan, “friendship without interaction.” Their podcast and youtube channel make people feel less lonely without the stress of socializing. Their long rants and funny quips make the listeners feel like they’re in a circle of friends shooting the breeze.

While they’re just getting their start, I’m confident they will soon capture as many hearts as the O’shry sisters!

4. Dr. Joseph Cipriano

Okay, this YouTuber is just a little bit strange so bear with me!

The past year has taught me new back pains that I never expected. Hours in front of a computer screen can be uncomfortable, especially on top of the fact that you are stuck at home. Another relaxing thing I have found is back-cracking videos.

Now, we’ve all heard horror stories and wive tales, and I’m not saying you should ignore them. I have just found that I feel sympathy relief when watching chiropractor videos like those of Dr. Cipriano.

He likes to call himself a “physician out here to change the World one PAIN symptom at a time!” With offices in Greenfield South Carolina and more, he offers a wide variety of help for people experiencing discomfort.

There has been a lot of debate over the practical science behind chiropractic tactics. You should definitely do your research if you’re considering getting something done yourself.

Either way, these videos are fun and relaxing to watch!

5. TMG

Last but certainly not least, I have one final podcast for you. TMG is a comedic duo of Cody Ko and Noel Miller. Yes, TMG does stand for Tiny Meat Game, but please don’t let that make you shy away!

Cody Ko and Noel Miller are both already popular influencers in their own right. Both with separate youtube channels, they’re seen as incredibly funny, if not slightly vulgar, 20-year-olds who also have incredibly sweet sides.

They are unafraid to call out some of our less desirable influencers and their tendencies to make hurtful decisions. They manage to make their commentary videos fun and light-hearted but also still address the issues at hand.

On top of this, they have an Amazing podcast, where they go through all the drama happening in the world and put a funny twist on it. Think of a late-night show but in a podcast format!

If you’re looking to cry-laugh and also be given something to think about, check out these two boys!

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