5 Easy Ways To Catch Your Customers Eyes

Catching customers eyes is the first priority in any business. Without mastering this, customers will never pay you the slightest bit of attention. And, that will lead to zero sales. Of course, when it comes to first impressions, you’ll primarily rely on marketing.

Think of this as the dress your business wears when it goes out on the town. If it doesn’t impress, no one will ask you to dance. Or buy what you’re selling. With that in mind, consider the following five ways to ensure your marketing dresses to impress.

5 Easy Ways To Catch Your Customers Eyes LadyBossBlogger.com

#1 Pay for it

In all honesty, there are few better options here than to buy hot advertising spots. Paid promotions on sites like Facebook and Pinterest can work well here. Equally, RTB advertising involves bidding for top ad spots on websites.There are also mobile advertising companies out there which offer this benefit for in-app spots. Given these methods work on a per-impression basis, focusing your efforts here could be your best chance to secure notice.

#2 Use SEO

A little thing called SEO can also be a huge help. Like RTB, this has the benefit of securing hot spots. Unlike RTB, it’s free and involves your website rather than your ads. With keywords and informative content, you can ensure you’re on the right side of Google. Your site will then appear higher in their results, thus ensuring more people see you with every search. So if you want to get found for being the best web design company, you can!

#3 Get lead information

Paying for top spots is well and good, but it doesn’t guarantee people will see you. Hence, this next pointer looks at capturing leads. Admittedly, you need to lay some groundwork like the above steps. But, once you’ve caught that initial attraction, you can take things further by offering something like a subscription list.

This will enable you to send ads straight to customers, thus guaranteeing engagement. Even if a customer deletes the email, they’ll need to open it up to do so. And, that provides you with ample opportunity to catch their eye.

#4 Have fun with color

So, those are the ways you ensure you’re seen. Then, you need to think about the ways to hold onto that initial attention. A fantastic way to do this would be to use bright colors in any ad you release. This is an old trick, but it’s a good one. Bright orange, for instance, is sure to hold attention much longer than bland colors like gray. Play around here, and use the color you think draws the eye most.

#5 Use motion

Once, companies had no choice but to develop static ads and posters. But, with online advertising now being your primary option, there’s no reason you can’t make use of motion. Like color, this is sure to draw the eye with ease.

In fact, near enough every person will at least glance at a moving ad. You could choose to include an animated character, or animate your products. Either way, movement in your ads could soon get your products moving.

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