5 Common Pieces Of Advice From Entrepreneurs

Every week I host online segments of Come Up Conversations, which is an interview series where fellow entrepreneurs share pieces of their business journey. They share times where they felt stuck, frustrated or when they were just in the midst of a transition – stories related to anything from making the initial jump, branding, early career mistakes, losing it all, and more. What we focus on most however is how they made it out.

Below I’ve listed 5 common pieces of advice that guests shared on the show.

5 Common Pieces Of Advice From Entrepreneurs written by LaChelle Barnett on #ladybossblogger

Make a decision.

It’s time to get off the sidelines. Whatever it is that you want to do, whatever type of business you want to build – be all in. There won’t be a perfect time for you to move your dreams forward. You have to make the time. You also have to do it afraid, it gets less scary after you move your feet. 

Don’t wait.


Get supportive surroundings.

Many times when you are making the jump, people around you won’t fully understand. They will want to keep you from taking risks in order to protect you. And some will hold you back, intentionally and unintentionally. For this reason you must put yourself around people who are on the same journey. Be around people who are running higher and faster than you.

Don’t do it blind.

You must have a plan, some kind of strategy for getting to where you want to be. Don’t just quit your 9 to 5. Hire a coach, join entrepreneur programs, get a mentor etc. Regardless of how you seek help; make sure you build a plan for building the kind of business you desire. Hiring coaches builds in accountability and is an investment in yourself. Do it, you’re worth it.

Follow your gut.

Many times we get a small warning sign, a small voice that tells us when we should do something and when we shouldn’t. Pay attention to that voice. Trust yourself. Don’t be afraid to say no. Your first mind is typically right. This business is your baby, fight for it.

Let it go.

You don’t have to stick to an idea forever. There will be times where our ideas won’t work. It’s a part of the process. Learn to switch gears, to adjust, to be honest and open to new possibilities. Set a goal. Commit to a plan. And reevaluate as you go. Reflect and then make a decision to move forward on the same path or move forward using a different path. Either way, it’s still your business.

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5 Common Pieces Of Advice From Entrepreneurs written by LaChelle Barnett on #ladybossblogger

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