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5 Branding Materials To Build Your Website

Branding is everything in the world of female entrepreneurship.

In order to build a successful brand, getting your name out into the world is key!

Recognition is super important, but the type of recognition is what matters most. When people hear your name or introduce your brand to someone new, you want them to associate that with positive views and loads of starry-eyed emojis! 🤩

And now, with the world literally at our fingertips, branding has never been easier. Here’s how.

5 Branding Materials To Build Your Website

1. Make a Logo

Aside from actually coming up with a business idea, creating a logo is priority numero uno. Before you create physical branding materials you want to have an eye-catching and unique logo that will become easily recognizable in your industry and beyond. Canva, DesignEvo, and Adobe Photoshop are only a few online resources you can turn to when creating your logo.

2. Design Business Cards

We may be living in a digital world, but the connections made online eventually carry over into the real world. Design business cards that represent your brand, and be sure your contact information is correct and updated.

Keep some cards on you at all times just in case—you never know when that next big business collaboration will be standing right in front of you. Business cards might be old school, but they are still effective!

5 Branding Materials To Build Your Website
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3. Create Personal Stationery

Not only is creating personalized stationery fun, but it’s yet another means of utilizing branding materials to benefit your biz. If you’re a list kind of girl or someone who takes lots of styled shots for social media, this is a branding detail that not everyone thinks of, and it is sure to help you stand out in this saturated world.

4. Customize Thank-You Notes

Following up with a thank-you note after a meeting or interview is such a good look. It shows that you were present and grateful. Rather than using a generic thank you note set, use this as an opportunity to plug yourself using your logo, business aesthetic, and a personal touch.

5 Branding Materials To Build Your Website
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5. Build a Website

Even if your business isn’t online, designing a simple website is a good idea. That way when someone goes to look you up, they have a professional platform to land on while they familiarize themselves with what you’re offering.

If you are a blogger or online company, obviously this is your strong suit. If not, take a page from those cool wedding websites brides use, and keep it simple with a landing page, contact info, bio, and some content.

Branding materials are a great way to help build your business while also learning new skills like web design, networking, and branding.

The perfect place to start this venture? Basic Invite.

They are the best of the best when it comes to online invitations and stationery with hundreds of choices and endless customization options. And they’re offering all of you lady bosses 15% off your order with code 15FF51. Happy branding!

5 Branding Materials To Build Your Website

5 Branding Materials To Build Your Website

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I’m waiting for someone to send me a thank you card, thank you in advance ;P

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Business cards might be old school, but they are still effective! That’s true, I design my own!

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Accidentally stumbled upon this post when I was looking for personal branding posts, but just so happens that I am also planning my wedding too so I get to kill two birds with one stone! Nice suggestions.

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Print and digital can work together harmoniously. Print isn’t dead, it’s just supplemental instead of primary now.

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Basic invite looks cool, gonna check it out.

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I love getting thank you cards, those are the best! Snail mail rocks!!!

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I tried to go paperless for business cards, but found that they actually still have a use in business.

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Thanks for the logo suggestions, particularly the DesignEvo one, just redesigned my logo there.

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