When you launch your startup, you need to be smart about your marketing and business strategy. Unless, you’re lucky enough to be backed by several generous investors, it’s likely that like most startups you’re working on a tight budget. The best way to make this budget work for you is to deploy digital strategies to maximize the impact of your activities.

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs on ladybossblogger 5 Affordable Digital Strategies For Startups

Get a business address

If you remember the story of Google, before it became the successful company it is now, it all started in a garage. Now, you can’t be using your private address as your company address, even if you can’t afford the rent of an office in town. What you can do, though, is research a low cost virtual office provider who can give you a postal address for your mail – and even a phone number with a receptionist – so that your startup can look like a proper business. As first impressions matter, you want your future customers to be blown away by the professionalism of your company.

Start with a remote team

Let’s get things right from the start – getting a team is tricky, especially if you don’t have an office. But you can offer remote work options to your team, which allows you to gather the best talent across the country – or the world – for your company. To help you with team management, you can use low cost collaborative online tools, from Slack which is an interface of collaboration for Windows and Android to Asana which offers similar services for Mac too. These tools enable your team to manage current projects, share information and follow the progression of all current and completed tasks. Many companies, such as software developers Clevertech, are taking on hundreds of remote workers, and you can join them by starting your business with a team of remote workers.

Create a social buzz

You can’t get attention without a social buzz. Modern businesses are turning towards Instagram to attract new customers and create a brand strategy. As a rule of the thumb, people interact more with a business that presents engaging and lively pictures. Use people in your pictures, as it helps people to connect with your brand better!

Offer valuable online events

People like getting things for free. While you can’t give them free products or services at the beginning of your startup, you can share knowledge with them through webinars. You can even run webinars for free using Google Hangouts on Air. You can accommodate as many participants as you want to – although you may not attract a vast crowd with your first webinar, hang on, it’ll get better! All you need is to connect your Gmail account with YouTube and G+ so that you can start a YouTube channel connected to your Google Plus account and populated by your Google Hangout material.

Create killer content

Nobody will notice your business if you don’t create valuable content that interests people. Content is king for SEO, brand perception, conversion and growth. However, your content should be built to help your customers, so that while you establish your expertise, you do so without spammy self-promotion. Pitch your ideas to influencers within your industry sector to make sure that you can get backup.

Digital strategy for your business doesn’t have to break the bank. From business support with virtual offices and collaborative tools to marketing activities using social media, webinars and quality content, you can build a successful path for your startup. But remember that every business idea begins with a business vision, only then can you activate your digital strategy!

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs on ladybossblogger 5 Affordable Digital Strategies For Startups