3 Pieces Of Technology Your New Business Needs

The campuses created by Google and Adobe have inspired entrepreneurs across the world to create fun, engaging office spaces for their employees. Gone are the days of drab cubicles and windowless rooms as companies embrace open floor plans and creative spaces.

However, some office design elements are more practical than others and actually work to increase productivity. Check out these 3 pieces of technology you should invest in if you want happy, hard-working employees

3 Pieces Of Technology Your New Business Needs

1. Remote Time Tracking Tools

Technology has made it easy for the vast majority of employees to work remotely over the years. In fact, 70 percent of people across the world work remotely at least once per week. Remote workers range from employees living on a different continent to working parents who need to take care of their kids. 

If you’re going to have a remote workforce, then you need digital time tracking. After all, how else will your team members clock in and out? Look for online tools, websites, and apps that make it easy for your team members to log their hours.

You can also set up barriers to keep your team members honest, like GPS tools for clocking in. This makes it easy to track employee productivity even when your team is out of the office.  

2. A Smart Thermostat

Temperature has a significant impact on how your employees work.

Women tend to prefer warmer temperatures, while men function better in cooler environments. If the temperature skews too far one way, you could have sweaty employees or pay higher energy bills when female employees bring in space heaters.

Consider installing a smart thermostat in your office so your team members can work comfortably. You can set a temperature that everyone is happy with, leaving you with a productive team.  

Along with investing in smart technology in the workplace, consider using a smart thermostat in your own home to manage the temperature. When you know that your home is cooling and warming through your remote commands, you can focus more on growing your new business.

3. Online Collaboration Tools

The modern workplace is collaborative.

Gone are the silos of the past where employees work on projects on their own without any help. For every new project created, a team forms to collaborate on it. 

As an employer, you can encourage collaboration with the right technology. Consider investing in software that makes it easier to communicate, manage tasks, and design projects. The options range from affordable services like Slack to expensive project-management tools. 

If you want to introduce collaboration tools effectively, test to see what tools your employees need and want to use. Many managers have introduced software that their team members have ignored because they used a more efficient model.

You can minimize this risk by asking team members to test different tools to see which ones they like the best. At the end of the day, the best productivity tools are the ones they use.  

Technology alone won’t make your office thrive. However, by investing in the right technology, you can set your team up for success to grow your business and turn a profit. 

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3 Pieces Of Technology Your New Business Needs